What is a stag do but a messy farewell to everything you love?


Independence. Freedom. Excitement. Alcohol.


But don’t worry, married life comes with a whole host of new life enriching perks, such as….er…companionship and…responsibility and…a total loss of your sense of self…and…a morbidly crippling regret for the choices you made.


But hey, at least it’s a great excuse for a stag party. You only get one of them, so make sure you do it in the right place.


Of course, Revolution is the only place to go for a proper party, but if you think the UK can’t handle your debauchery, here are 10 others places you could try.


Prague, Czech Republic




One of the world’s most popular stag do destinations, and for good reason. Really cheap, high quality beer (less than £1 a pint!), gorgeous food and a nightlife scene that’s internationally renowned. There’s literally nothing you can’t like.


Berlin, Germany




They love beer in Germany, and accordingly they serve up some of the best around. It’s known for having some of the best bars in the world as well as some incredible eateries. Bratwurst and beer, anybody?


Budapest, Hungary




As a burgeoning European country, it’s got everything you’d want from a suave, highly cultured capital with a price tag that’s so low you’ll never even think of visiting Paris again. Food is cheap, beer is cheap, and there are even some hot springs nearby to help nurse that soul crushing hangover you’ll inevitably gift yourself.


Amsterdam, Holland




Why would you want to go to Amsterdam for a stag do? All they’ve got are pancakes, expensive beer and average weather. Oh yeah, and basically everything is legal. But what’s that got to do with anything?


Benidorm, Spain




Okay – we’re not gonna tell you that this is the place to go for a classy, culture-drenched trip to the Med. But if you really do just want to go wild on a budget and not have a single person judge you for your depraved antics, this is the place to go. Because who wants museums on a stag do?


Barcelona, Spain




This Spanish city is by far the most popular stag do destination in the world. Why? Maybe it has something to do with the sweltering weather, the best restaurants in the world, the beautiful Spanish people and the  which makes for a perfect storm of culture and stag do carnage.


Lisbon, Portugal




If you’re wanting to bake in the sun in a land where the beer is cheap and the parties huge, then there’s no better place than Lisbon. It’s not the most obvious stag do destination too, which means you get all the perks of a great party city without the overbearing presence of other stag parties who are just as loud and uncouth as you.


Dublin, Ireland




Nothing like a bit of Irish luck to help you have a good time. To clarify, by ‘Irish luck’ we mean Guinness – and by ‘a bit’ we mean a lot. It’s no secret that the Irish are fun loving charmers who love to have a drink, so you’re basically guaranteed a great party atmosphere. Just be prepared to swap EDM for live Irish trad music!


Ibiza, Spain




If dancing, dancing and more dancing is what your stag crew are into, then why go anywhere else? Get on a party boat, head to a famous superclub, watch a massively overpaid DJ and dance the night away. It’s Ibiza. Do we need to say more?