Cocktail maker? Check. A stash of perfectly-shaped ice? Check. Blended passion fruit, muddled mint, pineapple chunks, and slices of lime? Errr.

Look, mixing cocktails at home with fresh ingredients is truly awe-inspiring. You should be real proud. But sometimes, just sometimes, you want a bit of a shortcut. And to not have to spend £57 on fresh fruit.

We get it. We really do.

So to help out, we’re rounding up some of the yummiest flavoured vodkas that are tasty, easy to mix, and a straightforward option to creating your own blends. Here’s a round-up of our personal favourites.


We’ll be honest, after teaming up with the guys at Ketel One vodka for our cocktail menu not too long ago, we already know (and love) its exceptionally crisp, lively flavour.

But this right here takes it to a whole new level.

Infused with the essence of four lemons and two limes, Ketel One Citroen is refreshingly sweet with a lemony custard aftertaste that lingers gently, followed by a long finish that is guaranteed to have you going back for more.

Works best with? The No. 1 girls night out cocktail… A classic Cosmopolitan.


Smooth, creamy, and marinated with marmalade. You know, as you do.

Now, we had our reservations too, but then we tried it. From a distillery in Herefordshire, Chase vodka is quickly becoming iconic amongst bars across the UK, and it’s no surprise why.

With added orange peels from Seville and Valencia, they have created a subtle, tangy, bittersweet vodka that you just NEED to try for yourself. And yes, it really does taste of marmalade!

Works best with? Duh… A piece of toast. Or, actually, try it in a Dutch Mule.


Do not adjust your device, this actually is a real thing.

Not only does it exist, but with sweet caramelised sugar and aromas of soft English toffee, all balanced with a light saltiness, this might just be as indulgent as lathering yourself in truffle oil whilst eating strawberries in a jacuzzi.

Yes, really.

Works best with? A sweet twist on an Espresso Martini, or just as a tasty shot.


They say variety is the spice of life, and oh boy is this spicy.

The very first flavoured vodka ever, Absolut Peppar takes the smooth finish Absolut is known for, throws in green bell, chilli, AND jalapeño peppers, all to create a fiery, spice-lovers dream.

We recommend getting some milk on standby ASAP.

Works best with? This is an absolut essential when making instant Bloody Marys.


Silky, smooth, and with more tropical vibes than you can shake a particularly large pineapple at.

If you want the feeling of a summer holiday while shivering under your nan’s blanket this autumn, you need Cîroc Pineapple vodka in your life. In fact, it’s SO good, we can’t help but use a boat-load of it in our delicious Cîroc The Casbah cocktail.

Works best with? Banana liqueur, Coco Reàl, half and half, all topped with extra pineapple juice. Are these all the ingredients of our Cîroc The Casbah? Yes. Are we sorry? Absolutely not.


Now, we’re not usually one to judge books by their covers, but just look at this.

Beautifully packaged from Curio, a Cornish-distiller-you’ve-definitely-never-heard-of, this Cocoa Nib vodka is kind of like a boozy version of the chocolate milk you have left after your Coco Pops, but with notes of lemon and coffee cutting through.

It’s nostalgia and refinement in one handy bottle, and even good enough to sip neat.

Works best with? Mocha Martini, anyone?


Maybe it’s ‘cause Grey Goose is French and that pesky lil’ ‘L’ before orange makes you say it in an accent, but we really can’t talk about this vodka without things getting a bit PG-13.

The way the aroma of sweet orange teases the senses before even touching the tongue. The fresh taste that seductively introduces itself. And then the finish, oh, we wish we could tell you about the finish.

But we could really do with a cold shower about now.

Works best with? Privacy.


Right, let’s just get this out of the way, this right here is a complete crowd pleaser.

SKYY vodka’s most alluring treat, this is a sweet, fruity bouquet of a spirit with an aftertaste that’ll transport you to waist-deep blue waters and the whitest sands.

Or, you know, something like that.

Works best with? Our outrageously glamourous Pornstar Martini.

9. Żubrówka Bison Grass

Pronounced ‘zo-broov-ka’ but known worldwide as ‘that bison grass voddy’, whatever you call it, this drink has a kind of ethereal power.

With aromas and notes of freshly mowed grass and lavender, Żubrówka Bison Grass is so subtle on the palate it’s like listening to classical music by moonlight.

And yes, it’ll make you THAT poetic after one sip too.

Works best with? Strangely, apple juice, which helps bring out lots of interesting spice flavours from the vodka.


Intensely citrusy, intensely fresh, with an intense hit of sweetness.

Hailing from, you guessed it, Finland, this one’s just a lil’ bit intense. And if you’re looking for for a vodka that tastes of fruity cordial with a little alcohol kick, look no further than Finlandia Grapefruit.

Works best with? Swap the rum for this in a Daiquiri for an even sweeter take on the classic.

11. Our Revolution Handcrafted Flavours!

Made with premium triple-distilled vodka, flavoured with some of the craziest ingredients around, and FINALLY available to buy online…

We just couldn’t bring ourselves to end this list without mentioning our own Revolution Handcrafted Flavours!

So if you do anything today, bring the party spirit home by buying some our favourite Handcrafted Flavours, including Very Cherry, Bubblegum, and Pear Drop.

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