Let’s be real, your birthday party is the biggest (only) event on your social calendar and you have absolutely no anxiety about the whole thing (your hair is falling out).

Look, we get it. With all the hype, the build-up, and the longest 20 seconds of your life while your smug mates sing you ‘Happy Birthday’, you’re worried it might be just a bit… sh*t.

Well, to help you avoid the Coldplay-playlist-in-your-living-room type of affair, we’re rounding up the ultimate cities for a proper birthday weekender. So book yourself an Airbnb and head to one of THESE top party towns for a birthday weekend you won’t forget.


Okay, so despite what you may have heard, it doesn’t actually cost £6.50 just to sniff a G&T in the capital.

Sure, it’s probs a bit more expensive than your local, but it’s also a cultural powerhouse where people really know how to party. From the trendy outposts of Camden to the familiar glitz of the West End to the whopping SIX Revolution bars in London, the capital is NOT to be, er, sniffed at.


Ah, Manchester, so much to answer for.

It may be the rainy Northern city to end all rainy Northern cities, but its nightlife is world-famous for a reason. From the underground raves to the alternative indie clubs, or just the straight up fancy, you’re pretty much spoilt for choice in Manchester.

And with no less than four Manchester Revolution bars dotted across this wonderful city, a birthday weekender in Manchester really is a no-brainer.


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Leeds, a place so edgy you’ll never have to worry about someone singing you ‘Happy Birthday’, and with some of the best music venues, DIY club nights, and two dreamy Revolution bars in Leeds, you’ll have a completely reet birthday weekend here in Leeds.

Relentless nightlife, the friendliest folk around and cheap enough to make your southern mates completely jelly.

Leeds is properly cool, and boy does it know it.


If you don’t mind dodging a few brutal seagulls on your birthday weekend, Brighton is pretty much one big non-stop party.

BBQs on the beach, a trendy Revolution bar with a HUGE beer garden, some proper seaside vibes and apparently the gay scene’s not bad either.

Just don’t try taking your celebratory tray of chips onto the seafront. You have been warned.


Now, while Edinburgh has the castle, jaw-dropping classical architecture and an enviously low crime rate, Glasgow has its very own Revolution, and importantly… ALL the fun.

The beauty of Scotland’s largest city is that most of the clubs exist within a mile radius. And THAT means you can walk between it all – the final gasps of indie, techno-fuelled happy hardcore and the welcoming drum of house – in less time than it takes to declare that Glasgow is WELL better than Edinburgh.


A city famous for big hair, cobbled streets and a ratio of one club for every three people.

Seriously, there are a crazy amount of venues in Liverpool – including FOUR Revolution bars in Liverpool– so whether you’re feelin’ trendy, indie or wild, there’s LOADS to do for your birthday weekender.

And if you happen to see the city in the cold light of day, look up and enjoy Liverpool’s amazing architecture. It’s also not to missed.


Back in simpler times, before Geordie Shore, when Rebecca Black told us to get down on Friday and people found planking funny, Newcastle had a huge reputation as one of the best nights out in the UK.

Then Beyoncé dropped Lemonade, and all hell broke loose.

But with kebabs valued over coats, a Revolution right in the centre of the city, and some of the craziest underground clubs, Newcastle is still a sick night out. Just avoid the standard Geordie Shore haunts. And don’t come home saying ‘Why aye man.’ Please.


Look, you won’t quite find the sheer scale of events as you would in Manchester or Leeds, but in Cardiff you’re guaranteed to find low prices, an infectiously down-to-earth approach to partying and the quirkiest venues in the UK.

Imagine partying your birthday away in a swanky Revolution, a bank vault, warehouse or even a, er, car park.


Alright, stick with us on this one.

Chester isn’t just a place for history buffs, footballers and the eleven people who star in Hollyoaks. It’s actually a party goer’s paradise with a racecourse in the middle of town and a ton of classy venues like Revolution Chester.

Seriously, it’s the perfect alternative birthday weekender to another night out in Liverpool or Manchester. Try it and see!


Right, Norwich might be the place where Tim Westwood grew up, but don’t let that put you off.

Chances are, seeing as it’s MILES away (no matter where you live), you’ve never experienced the swell city that is actually eastern England’s real party hub.

If you’re after something a bit different for your birthday, look no further than the nightlife that Norwich has to offer. It’s so good, Hugh Jackman makes periodic visits to Revolution Norwich. Obviously.


Got a birthday coming up?

Whichever city you choose to explore for what is soon-to-be known as the best birthday you’ve ever had, make sure you start at Revolution.

Book your party with us for an extraordinary night of partying, or, if you have a dream night in mind, build your bespoke birthday party package with the help of our insanely awesome Events Team (100% party animal expertise, guaranteed).

Now, that’s one Happy Birthday!