Home cooked Sunday roasts. Mini Egg binges. Practically vibrating with excitement at the prospect of four whole days of Out-of-Office sanctioned activities.

Yes, that’s right, the Easter bank holiday weekend is here!

It truly is the sweetest of all holidays, but just in case you don’t quite realise how good you’ve got it, here’s all the reasons why the ultimate betrayal is has become the one thing we look forward to every year.

Cheers, Jesus.

1. Easter has been a beacon of hope on your social calendar ever since New Year’s Day, A.K.A the last bank holiday.

New Year’s Day was 86 days ago. That’s 2,064 hours ago. 123,840 minutes ago. 7,430,400 seconds ago. That! Is! Too! Long! Ago!

2. Praise the Lord, for he hath given us a four day weekend.

Go outside at 6pm on the Thursday before an Easter weekend starts, and you’ll hear, blasting out of every window in every office from Inverness to Exeter, the entire country momentarily engulfed in a celebratory roar. It really is that good.

3. Egg puns are not only acceptable but also encouraged.

Plans will be hatched, the party will be cracking and any and all words that begin with ex will become eggstatic, eggciting and eggstravagant. Prepare yourself as best you can.

4. And you can eat Mini Eggs for breakfast, obviously.

If you don’t have three bags of Mini Eggs and a hot cross bun for breakfast, is it even Easter? We think not.

5. In fact, the chocolate flows like a river of happiness all weekend.

Four days of eating Easter eggs! You might think we’re too old for this now ha ha but no! We live for this! We’ve had approximately seven so far! We’ll probably never eat another one again though! After this last egg!

6. Did we mention it’s four days off work?

(Unless of course you work in an industry that works bank holidays and weekends in which case this blog probably isn’t for you. Sorry).

7. If you squint the sun is kind of there.

It’s a fine line really, but over these four days we could possibly see some sun. It could also rain. It could snow. But we’ll fire up the BBQ just in case.

8. There’s always at least one mediocre to average BBQ.

Three people will turn up, none of them carrying BBQ products of any description and it kind of rained a lot, but is there anything as good and pure as a simple good old-fashioned BBQ.

9. There’s none of the pressure that comes with Christmas.

Easter is a lot like Christmas, but you’ll put on less weight and the days won’t blur into a montage of Quality Street, Love Actually and desperately trying to find an acceptable present for your Mum on Christmas Eve that also happens to be under £35. Easter is chill AF basically.

10. You can crack open a cold one at literally any time of the day.

The Easter bank holiday weekend is akin to waiting for your flight at the airport. Time loses all meaning, your usual self-imposed limits evaporate away and you find yourself getting a round of pints in at 10:36AM on a Friday morning.

11. We’re not sure you heard us last time but it’s…

Four! Glorious! Days! Off! Work!*

*For some!

12. Waking up face down on your pillow at 3PM on Monday is a completely normal thing.

You’re harrowingly alone, there’s an Uber receipt saying you managed to spend £24 getting home last night, many many many furious missed calls and a hangover like you wouldn’t believe. But despite it all, this is perhaps the best indication of a pretty good bank holiday weekend.

13. You get to look forward to a shorter week ahead when you get back to work.

Yes, amazingly, the Easter bank holiday weekend really is the gift that keeps giving.

14. It’s 96 hours without any professional and personal responsibilities.

Is this a long-winded way of saying, yet again, that there are four days off work? Yes. Yes, it is.

15. And the main reason why Easter is the greatest weekend ever?


That’s right, the eggy party antics roll on all weekend long, and when you book in advance for GREAT Saturday or our main event on Easter Sunday, we’ll give you a FREE Big Blank Canvas sharing cocktail to share with all your buddies.

So go on, the Easter Bunny is ready to party, are you?