Time is precious. You only have one life, and so you’ve got to spend it efficiently and wisely.


With work and general life admin taking up the majority of your week, you’ve got to be REALLY good at cramming in as much as possible into tiny little timeslots.


To help you out, here are five awesome ways to have a lot of fun in under 15 minutes.


Skydive from Space


giphy (7)


In 2012, Felix Baumgartner fell 34km to Earth in a skydive jump from a helium balloon suspended in the stratosphere. It took him just over 9 minutes of pure freefalling before he landed, making him the master of high-octane, highly efficient awesomeness.


An efficient zoo trip


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Most trips to the zoo consist of checking out the few cool animals you’d normally never get to see and then spending the rest of the day looking at squirrels to try and justify the ticket price. What matters more though – time or money?


Get in, check out the monkeys, lions and elephants and get out.


Become a 15-minute Shakespeare scholar


giphy (2)


Fancy some intellectual kudos but can’t be bothered with all that actual reading? No worries. As long as you vaguely know the plotlines of the bard’s plays, you’ll be able to nod along confidently whenever a reference comes up in conversation. Get on Wikipedia and read the summary. You’ll be the next Ian McKellen in no time.


Mix up an ultra-quick cocktail


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Making cocktails is cool, but when you’re trying to have fun, you’ve simply not got time for all of that straining and lemon squeezing and cleaning up etc. etc.


Well – allows us to introduce you to our Vodka Rev Bull. With its emphasis on quality over complexity, it’s the ultimate cocktail for getting the party started quickly.


‘Create’ some abstract art


giphy (6)


Leonardo da Vinci took four years to paint the Sistine chapel. Ha! What a waste of time.


Did he know he could just mess up his bed like Tracy Emin did and sell that for £2.5 million. 4 years of scrutinous labour or 5-minutes not making your bed? We’ll take the latter.


Grab a 15-Minute Promise lunch from Revolution




We reckon this is the most awesome way to spend 15 minutes of your day. Especially since we’re so confident in our lightning-fast cooking skills that we’ll promise to give you your lunch for free if it takes any longer.



See? It’s so easy to use your time well. Whether it’s breaking the sound barrier with your body on the way down from space or becoming a multimillionaire for not making your bed, it’s very feasible to squeeze loads of awesome into 15 minutes.


Especially now that we’re offering up our new 15-Minute Promise, available on a range of awesome dishes from Monday to Friday ’til 3pm. Use that lunchtime wisely and book now.