For the vast majority of people in Britain, summer consists of an hour and forty-five minutes of sunshine, sitting outside at every opportunity and still having to take your umbrella on the commute.

And yet we can’t wait for it to come back, right?!

Well, for the blessed locals of Southend, this isn’t quite the case. The seaside town can boast about being the warmest and driest place in the UK. Yep, that’s right, the lucky so-and-sos…

Still not sold on Southend? Well, hold on. The place is home to loads of hidden gems which we’re about to let you in on. So sit back, relax, and get ready to book a weekend away to sunny ol’ Southend-on-Sea.

Stroll Up Southend Pier

Okay, so at 1.34 miles long, this isn’t exactly a hidden gem. We’ll give you that. But as it is the longest pleasure pier in the world, it’s a definite must-see in Southend.

You can take the railway to the end of the pier if you’ve left your trainers at home, and there you can get celeb-spotting at Jamie Oliver’s cafe.

Scream at Adventure Island

Things to do in Southend

The best theme park you’ve probably never heard of. With over 60 rides, free admission and the terrifying rollercoaster ‘Rage’ recently being voted the best in the UK, you’d be loop-the-loopy not to check this place out.

Break Out at Escape Live, Essex

Forget FIFA. Throw away Monopoly. This is a team-game with a difference.

You and your mates have got 60 minutes to escape a room. It’s a bit like when the taxi arrives early during pre-drinks… but WAY harder. Think you’ve got what it takes?

Laugh (or cry!) at Cliffs Pavilion Theatre

After something a little more sophisticated from your seaside town? Do you know your Ibsen from your Chekhov? Are you just a straight-up culture-vulture?

You should probs get down to Cliffs Pavilion Theatre. Bonus: it’s actually on a cliff overlooking the seaside!

Explore seven miles of stunning coastline

If Blackpool beach has been your only experience of Britain’s seaside, then you’re probs going to be in for a shock. Southend’s beaches are WORLD famous for their breath-taking views, never-ending sunshine and of course, all those cute, quaint, colourful beach huts.

And with seven beautiful miles of coastline in Southend, we’re fairly confident you’ll find somewhere to sit.


For all these reasons and loads more, we’re really excited for the arrival of Revolution Southend. If these cool things to do aren’t tickling your fancy… then a new Revolution bar will do the trick.

We’ll be banishing the boring and bringing our own brand of brilliant shizz. That’s the best cocktails you’ve ever tasted, mental parties and perfect food pick-me-ups.