1. NEW cocktails🍸

Is it even brunch without cocktails?

And guess what, we have a selection of NEW cocktails to try on your next Revs Brunch. We’ll raise our glass to that!


2. Low deposit💸

Secure your brunch with just a (refundable) fiver!

Save your cash for the good times.


3. Spontaneous = always more fun 🚶‍

Revs now accepts WALK IN bottomless brunch – because those spontaneous days and nights out are always the best.

They also make for a great cover up if you forgot to book..! Or if you’re recovering from a night out and fell into a Revs on the way for some snacks… we’ll look after you and let you turn that one hair of the dog into a full bottomless repeat of last night.


4. From brunch to OUT OUT 🌙

Why go meet for pres when you could meet for brunch instead?

We’ve extended our bottomless brunch times so you can brunch at 6pm and be out out at 8pm! Life is too short not to try all your fav cocktails at once, right?


5. Two-Hour sessions

Brunch later and brunch LONGER.

Even more time to try that extra cocktail (or 3), dive into everyone’s juicy gossip, get that pic in the photobooth – and still have time to breathe!


Did you make it to the end of this list, or are you already texting the group chat to plan your next brunch date?

Because we may or may not be writing this whilst having some Avo Eggs and a couple of Bloody Marys!


See you there babes x