It’s been a whole year since the last Christmas party and it’s safe to say we’re still haunted by Barbara’s screechy, cat-strangling solo rendition of Dolly Parton’s 9 To 5, whilst straddling the office printer. *shivers*

But alas, ’tis the season to get inappropriately drunk with work colleagues that you don’t even like, overshare with embarrassing personal stories and tactical chunder in Maraget’s office bin once more.

However, don’t fear, because we’ve only gone and compiled a list of amazing reasons why you SHOULD definitely attend this year’s festive office shindig (and live to see next year’s). You shall go to the ball!

1. Free bar

Did someone say free bar? Well, everyone apart from your boss that is. You’ve probably taken the time to eye up your boss over the last few weeks and months to determine whether they’re willing to put their hand in their pocket for those everyday things like tea and coffee.

Although it is often a good indicator to know whether a free bar will be in place at the Christmas do, or if you’re going to be surviving the night on a ration of drinks tokens, it’s no certainty.

Who knows, maybe your tight-fisted boss is saving the pennies to go ‘large’ at the annual Christmas shindig. Either way, they’ll be wanting to impress your team, so expect a couple of free drinks at the very least and maybe even a free bar too, if you’re lucky. Be ready to take advantage.

2. Keeping your job

Obviously, turning up to your Xmas party is not going to be the difference in whether you’ve still got a job in January, but there is some science behind it.

Some bosses take it personally, like REALLY personally, if you’re a no-show. Rather weirdly, they’d be happier to see you getting merry on their money than sat at home watching the Gogglebox Christmas special, or something much worse.

Be warned: The dreaded Christmas work party is often used as a test to see whether you’re comfortable with your colleagues and if you’re a ‘team player’.

3. The Christmas party stories

Clearly, the large majority of the office conversations for the next 12 months are going to revolve around this year’s Christmas celebration antics. Witnessing the debauchery of your fellow colleagues is only going to set you up with conversation gold for the next year. Plus, you’ll now know how ‘Filthy’ Simon in accounts got that nickname.

Not only that, but you’ll also be able to tell any new persons about that ex-colleague who did something so ridiculous at last year’s Christmas celebration it’s the sole reason why they’re now an ex-colleague.

4. You won’t be talked about

No one wants to be the butt of the office jokes just because they decided to wash their hair on the same night as the office Christmas do, but it’s known to happen. Being labelled as boring is not cool, so we suggest that you quickly finish drying your hair, don your gladrags and hitch a ride to your local Revolution. Pronto!

5. It’s probably not that bad…

Nervous energy naturally surrounds the build up to the often fateful office Christmas do but trust us, they’re probably not as bad as they first seem.

Each and every one of your colleagues is in the same awkward boat as you, so just relax. Fine-tuning your small talk and perfecting that dead-behind-the-eyes smile are two killer moves. If these fall short of the mark, it’s head down and straight to the bar.

Well, if it’s really that bad, you’ll be reassured to know that it’s only another 12 months until you have to do it all again…

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