Visiting Revs is a student rite of passage. If you haven’t taken a shot of chili flavour, got a bit too excited at Revs Bottomless Brunch or bagged yourself a pair of Revs pants, did you even go to uni? Think of us like your older sibling. We’re always here to look out for you, here to lend a helping hand when you need it, and we’re always available (for a pizza and a cocktail).  

If you’re new here (firstly, download our app and register with your student email address if you want unreal student discounts and offers), we’re going to lay it down for you. Here are five things that you’re going to LOVE about Revs. 


1. Students get 25% off food 

It’s your first time living alone, and sometimes that can be daunting. Especially if you’re trying to find your way around a cooker. With 25% off food for students, you can switch out the super noodles for a delicious Revs dinner. See, we do always have your back.


2. Bottomless Brunch 

Our favourite weekday/weekend activity comes in the form of bottomless drinks and delicious brunch dishes. Not to mention, if you’re a student you can enjoy bottomless brunch for £25 (£20 if your Scottish, and its 5 drinks, we don’t make the rules, Sturgeon does). Yep, you heard us right, we’re always saving your coins and giving you a good time. 


3. Late night party 

Now, whilst we know that you’ve come to uni to further your education and get that degree (go you), we also know that a huge part of student life – is socialising. Our student nights at Revs are LEGENDARY. If you don’t know, get to know. You can find out what night’s your local bar has coming up via our website or following our socials. Visit the website here. 


4. Drinks Offers 

As we would like to reiterate, we got you. Our students’ drinks offer are no different. We’re talking about £6 shot sticks, £2.50 bottles of amstel and so much more. You’re WELCOME.  

Just to clarify, we ALWAYS encourage responsible drinking, but being sensible means, you can have even more fun. 


5. Revs Pants 

If you have been to any of our student nights, you probably have a pair of our pants. Now we don’t really know what they’re for (the marketing director just told us to give them out) but they’re comfortable and now a staple in many student’s pants drawers. Yes, their weird, wonderful and random – just like Revs.  

Anyway, that’s it. That’s the five reasons you should love Revs as a student. If you want to unlock our unreal offers, and bag yourself a free cocktail, download our app – here – and register using your uni email address.