There are some Christmas parties you’d give anything to be able to attend.

But, there are others which sound like a living hell of social awkwardness. So Gerard from Accounts wants you to come over for a Christmas-themed dinner party with his mates from Tae Kwon Do?

Err, no thanks. Obviously though, you can’t tell him you’d rather die than go to his party. However, you can deploy one of these smooth excuses and everything will be okay.

1. Treat them with a gift

Nothing says “I can buy your affection” like a trip down to your local Revolution where you can tantalise your tastebuds with our handcrafted vodka flavours.

You don’t want to be known as the sell-out that never showed up. So supply your friends with a pre-Christmas treat that will allow them to forgive your absence.

2. Be damn sarcastic

If you’re really stuck on excuses, you could send them a picture of Jeremy Kyle and then a message saying: “I have the results through from your RSVP invite to your Christmas party… and I can reveal that I am NOT going to attend.”

Then sprinkle it with an apology and wish them a good time. We’re pretty sure it’ll make them laugh enough to not feel bitter about it.

3. Make your own mini event

What if your pal is hosting a Christmas party the same night as your work’s do? Sometimes, you won’t be able to attend a party even if you really want to. Gather up your best folks for another night out on the town and invite them to make up for it.

You’ll have to book a bar with the best cocktails and food to make sure they’re not too upset about it. But where could this majestic reunion take place? *cough*Revolution*cough.

4. Make up an elaborate, yet hilarious lie

What if you’ve left it a little too late? If you’re not good at lying, you share the same problem as one of the best TV characters ever. You could always play homage to Joey from Friends and tell the host about your sister’s crazy racoon creating havoc in your home. The more ridiculous, the better.

5. Or, just be honest about it

Last but not least, like our parents always said: “Honesty is the best policy”. If you can’t go, just tell them why. If you’re too busy over Christmas, they’ll understand. Make sure you let them know ASAP so it doesn’t look like a lame excuse.

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