We’ve all been there.

The pain of daylight on bloodshot eyes. The BOOM BOOM BOOM of a swollen brain. The facepalm moment when memories from the night before come flooding back.

Now don’t get us wrong, we love a good party. But the resulting hangovers… not so much.

Here are five common kinds of Christmas party hangover – and (most importantly) how, with the right tactics, you can avoid them completely.

The OH, SH*T a.k.a ‘The Fear’

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You wake up. After a few seconds (ignorance really is bliss on these mornings), your brain kicks into gear and yells ‘Ha, ha, ha, I know what you did last night’. And then you remember.

You freeze – here comes the Fear – and all you can think is ‘Oh, SH*T’ as shame washes over you.

What did you do? What did you say? Do you have any money/friends/dignity left?

On second thoughts, don’t answer that.


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Dehydration really is the Devil. If you’ve got a mega-hangover, you’ll need water – fast.

When you get home from your Christmas party, make sure you drink a hefty amount of H20. Then, drink some more. When you hit the hay, leave a big glass on your bedside table.

If you were a better human, you could throw in a few soft drinks during your night out to keep your body hydrated – and you could even avoid this type of hangover altogether. But come on, who are you kidding?


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Hangovers aren’t all doom and gloom – sometimes they bring on moments of total hilarity.

Getting over this one is easy. Ping a jokes message to your WhatsApp group, arrange a post-party catch-up for extra laughs, or just privately chuckle to yourself as you pour your pick-me-up coffee.

And if all else fails and you’re still dying of cringe, just remember – there’s always someone out there that’s worse.


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Commonly known as the dance-over.

That achiness in your legs and the throbbing in your feet that can only be caused by one thing, and one thing only. BUSTIN’ SHAPES.

If you’ve got this kind of hangover, then congratulations – you’ve got the moves like Jagger, and you’re clearly not afraid to show it.

As for the cure? There ain’t one, because you don’t bloody need it you big superstar.


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You may feel a little jaded, tired, headachey and so darn hungry… But OH WHAT A NIGHT THAT WAS.

If you qualify for this type of hangover then you, my friend, are winning at life.

And clearly, you’ve just been to a Christmas party at Revolution. So don’t avoid this type of hangover, and book your epic Christmas party celebrations right… about… NOW.

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