Look, while vodka may be as clear and simple-seeming as water – don’t be fooled. There’s loads more to it than meets the eye, or rather, the lips.

After teaming up with the team at Ketel One and their super premium vodka, we’ve learnt that it’s an immensely complex alcohol that takes genius levels of liquid engineering to create. You gotta get the right flavour, consistency and sharpness. Or something like that. We think that’s how they worded it.

And that’s not the only thing Ketel One’s experts taught us, in their distinctive Dutch accents. They also let us in on some crazy facts not even WE knew about vodka.

You know us, we’ve never been able to keep a secret. So without further ado, here are 7 WTF things we’ve learnt about our favourite party spirit.

1. It’s the purest drink there is

Apologies to any and all nuns reading, but in the definitive list of purest things in the world, it’s safe to say vodka comes out on top. Seriously, we’re not kidding this time.

Due to the smarty-pants distilling process, vodka is essentially ethanol diluted with water, making it the purest alcohol in the world.

This means that it has the fewest calories of any alcohol AND is the least likely to leave you hangin’ the morning after a big one. Absolute WIN.

2. It’s the social butterfly of booze

Vodka goes with everything

Unlike other spirits, vodka is so versatile you can drink it with sweet, spicy, sour or bitter flavours. It can basically be mixed with anything.

Orange juice? Sure thang. Red Bull? Why not? Guinness? Dangerous, but we like your style.

When it comes to vodka, it’s a total socialite. So much so, we consider it a Blank Canvas for us to paint our best cocktail art on. And yes, we did just namedrop one of our own vodka cocktails.

3. Most vodka isn’t ACTUALLY made from potatoes


We’re disappointed too. We always thought vodka was a second cousin of French fries.

But while vodka can be distilled with potatoes and their carby-goodness, it’s more commonly fermented using grains such as corn, rye or wheat. All that tasty stuff… Yeah.

4. It’s been to infinity and beyond

Russia vodka in space

Of course, Russia took vodka to space. Like, come on, what else would they take? Moon boots?

While NASA has strict rules regarding alcohol in orbit, Russia has a much more relaxed (read: fun) approach to drunk space travel, and allows its cosmonauts to drink small amounts of vodka on their space station.

Beam us up, Sergei, we’ll meet you at the bar.

5. Vodka is Russian for ‘water’

Look, some supposedly clever people will try to tell you that the reason vodka translates to water in Russian is because of the appearance and the fact every bottle is typically 60% water.

That’s fake news. Don’t listen to them.

It’s actually because, like water, vodka is essential for all life. Obvs. And in Russia, it comes out the taps.

6. Until the 80s, you could only buy 12-litre buckets

Up until 1885, you could only buy vodka in 12.3-litre buckets. Yes. Buckets. So THAT’s why they’re called the good old days.

The greatest thing of all though? It was still a bestseller! What can we say, vodka drinkers are a committed bunch. Talk about buying in bulk!

7. The distilling is absolutely key

The number of times and the method used to distill vodka are all-important in achieving the right balance, taste and consistency.

The more times the spirit is distilled, the cleaner it becomes – resulting in a purer and a higher-proof product.


Every brand distills in a different way, but the geniuses at Ketel One opt for traditional techniques and equipment – including an original 19th-century coal-fired copper pot still named Distilleerketel #1. Sound familiar? Yes, that’s how Ketel One gets it name – and its exceptional crisp, lively flavour and silky feel on the tongue.

As they’ve been producing the spirit for 325 years, we think the experts at Ketel One know a thing or two about vodka. That’s probably why Ketel One goes so well with our fabulous new cocktails.

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