Eight Reasons why you should work for Revolution Bars

During their lifetime, the average person spends more than 90,000 hours at work… So here at Revolution, we want those 90,000 hours to be spent living our best lives. 

One of our core values at Revolution is FUN. We are here to provide our guests with a good time and as part of that it’s super important to us that our teams are having a great time as well. We are positively proactive about channelling your current skills and developing them with the confidence to succeed in whichever career path you decide to take with us! 

So, let’s get to it. Here are eight reasons why you should work at Revolution Bars: 

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1. A diverse range of exciting roles.  

When you think about working in a cocktail bar in the UK, the first role that springs to mind is of course, being a bartender. But our bartenders aren’t our only contenders shakin’ things up here, we have fantastic opportunities behind the scenes as well such as sales, chefs and team leaders. 

Never made a cocktail before? Not sure what to expect in the kitchen? We got you. 

We provide full training and work at your pace to help you learn and develop expert industry skills… Plus, you’ll learn transferable skills like organisation, working under pressure and delivering results. 

2. Flexibility  

Before COVID, flexible working was something most of us dreamed of but now, it’s an absolute reality – especially at Revolution. A career in hospitality can be incredibly flexible.  

Whether you’re bringing the laughs at lunchtime, entertaining the after-work crowd, or keeping the party going through the night, our flexible hours and rotas give you an excellent work-life balance. You tell us what works for you, and together we’ll make something beautiful. 

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3. Clear Development Plans  

Whether it is your first role within hospitality, or if you’ve got years of experience under your belt, we have a development plan for you.  

We believe in training and progressing everyone in our Revolution family. Whether you’re here for a good time or a long time, we’ll work with you to ensure you’re getting the most out of your role and enjoying successes along the way. 

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4. 50% off Food AND Drink 

This is not a drill. We repeat, this is NOT a drill! We might work hard, but we play harder.  

When you join the Revolution team you’ll get 50% off food and drink. The best bit? It’s valid at every Revolution and Revolucion de Cuba across England, Scotland AND Wales.  

Visiting your besties at uni in Newcastle? The discount is as ready as you are. Heading over to Belfast for a wild weekend away? They’d love to see you! Taking your parents for lunch in Plymouth? This one is on you. 

Obviously, this point alone should be the reason to join the team at Revolution. 

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5. Family support  

At Revolution, you’re our family but we also know you have your own family and we truly believe this should ALWAYS come first. 

We offer industry-leading support for new and expectant parents. Our enhanced maternity/paternity packages are some of the best in the industries AND the longer you’re here… The better it gets.  

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6. We ARE Diversity. 

There’s a reason that we are The Place Where Everyone Wants to Be” and that’s down to us embracing diversity and fostering an inclusive environment. 

In addition to realising our core vision, diversity and inclusion also matter to us because it is the right thing to do – another key brand value of the Revolution Bars Group.  

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Remember all that expert training we give you? Well, we also reward you for it too.  

Fancy ending your shift knowing you were “top-taker”? Well with our amazing incentives, you’ll be rewarded for that. We have daily incentives, weekly incentives and then even bigger campaign incentives…  

We’re not just talking cash in your pocket (so to speak… We are cashless after all), but also parties where the drinks are covered by us, pizza after work, and even free trips away with money can’t buy experiences provided for by some of our fantastic suppliers. 

Seems like a good reason to join Revolution to be honest… 

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8. Support  

We get it, hospitality can be one of the most challenging but rewarding careers there is to be had. We appreciate that everyone has their ‘off days’ and we want to be sure that whatever the challenge, we’re here to support you and your loved ones at every opportunity. 

Our People Development team are always looking for ways to strengthen the support, and we also have an employee assistance programme for when you need it.  

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So… Now you have your eight reasons why, what are you waiting for? 

Click the link below to apply to be a part of something amazing, to be a part of Revolution. We have locations all over the United Kingdom including, London, Manchester, Bristol, Edinburgh, Brighton, and many more!

Apply Here  

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