On a hot day there is pretty much nothing I won’t do for an ice cold beer.

Scrap that. On any day. But show me a luke-warm pint and I don’t want to tell you where it will end up. That’s why we’ve decided to share our top tips for keeping your beer at optimum drinking temperature.

Ice cold.

  1. Go somewhere cold.




Like the North Pole. Or Aberdeen. We have a bar there with fridges, so that would help too.


  1. Put it in a sock.




Cool your beer Bear Grylls style by putting it in a wet sock (use water from a nearby stream or lake or something) and hang it from a tree on a windy day. Hang a few together to form some kind of mega-awesome wind charm.


  1. Use a cool bag.



It’s called ‘cool’ for a reason. And that’s not because it can perform the rap part of TLC’s Waterfalls and has a lip ring.


  1. Get high.





Climb a mountain, or go somewhere really high. It’s cold in the clouds, so ideally use some kind of helicopter. Then, when you are happy with your beer temperature, you can sky dive into your mate’s BBQ with your ice cold beverages and become a living legend.


  1. Use a Chillsner.





It’s basically a reusable icicle that sits in your beer bottle, keeping it cold right until the last sip. Halle-frikking-lujah.


  1. Bury it.




Dig a hole, preferably somewhere shady and bury your beers to keep them out of sunlight. But don’t forget to leave a mark where you put them or you’ll end up digging up your garden like some kind of demented dog. Just like my… errr… friend did.


  1. Wrap it up.





Wrap your beers in strips of newspaper soaked in cold water. As the water evaporates the bottle stays nice and cool. And you can keep up to date with the latest news at the same time. Drinking cold beer is good for your brain.


  1. Use salt.


PORTLAND, ME - OCTOBER 8: The Bramhall Pub bar, which has repurposed bathtubs with beer on ice before their reopening in Portland, ME on Wednesday, October 8, 2014. The pub will reopen this Thursday. (Photo by Whitney Hayward/Staff Photographer)



If you are storing your beers in a bath tub/ paddling pool filled with ice (and, if you are, can we come round yours for the party?) then salt is your friend. The salt helps the ice cool the beers quicker. God bless science.


Or come and get an ice cold beer at Revolution. Save yourself a whole lot of hassle in the long run.