If there’s one thing we know about at Revolution (aside from tasty cocktails and how to throw an awesome party), it’s pizza. The pizzas from our food menu are all made using the freshest ingredients and a large dollop of TLC, and to be fair, we’re proper proud of them.


So, if there were ever a time to pat the Italians on the back and thank them for creating such exceptional eats, it’s now. Here’s ten reasons why we love the ‘za.



1. Perfect at any time of the day


Breakfast, brunch, dinner, tea, three o’clock in the morning – pizza is perfect. Pizza will wait for you. Pizza is your best friend.



2. Tastes great hot or cold




Couldn’t quite face the last few slices of that 14-inch taste sensation? Fear not because in the morning it will still be there, and it’ll taste as good as it did the previous night.



3. Pizza brings the party together


Ever been at a house party and needed something to soak up the booze? There are few better words than “the pizzas are on their way”. Form an orderly queue, everyone.



4. It’s the international food




Yes, the Italians may have dreamt up the infamous pizza pie, but ever since, the rest of globe has been gripped by its undeniable power. From New York to Newport, there’s always time for a slice.



5. It’s one of the few savoury foods that goes with pineapple


Love it or hate it, pineapple is a well-established pizza decoration. Despite popular belief however, it wasn’t the Hawaiians that decided to dissect the spikey fruit and marry it with ham. In fact, it’s thought to have originated in Ontario, Canada in the 60s. Yep, let that sink in for a moment.


Your whole life has been a lie.



6. All condiments welcome




At Revolution, we’re a pretty saucy bunch. That’s why we’ve got a superb array of condiments on offer to accompany your favourite dish. Big Easy mayo? Armageddon Sauce? Blue Cheese dip? We’ve got it all. Just ask at the bar.



7. Because cheese


It’s widely understood that cheese is the one. And, most pizzas come with it as standard – like all over the top. Some pizzas have it stuffed in the crust – that’s good. Some other pizzas have it secretly lodged underneath the toppings – that’s also pretty good.


Cheese is basically awesome. Excuse us.



8. Pizza is out of this world. Literally






Pizza is so freaking good that NASA is funding some kind of magical 3D-food printing system that will allow astronauts to chow down on pizza while they’re floating amongst the stars.


Boldly go, pizza. Boldly go.



9. The perfect first date food


Avoid any Lady & the Tramp moments and just split a pizza. And, while you’re at it, tick off all the important questions in one magical evening. Do they like spicy food? Do they eat their crusts? Mayo or ketchup? Will they save you the last olive? You know – all the big ones.