We all know an absolute legend.

They’re the kind of person that just seems to be totally in tune with the universe. They know what do and how to do it at the exact time and place it needs doing.

Unfortunately, it’s a gift you can’t learn.

You can however, copy things they do and hope people think you’re a legend too.

Here are 8 ways to become an absolute legend.


Get the look right

Legends always look on point, whether it’s whilst strutting their moves on the dancefloor or stumbling about in the kitchen hungover.
Luckily, we can help you out massively on this one, as we’ve got style advice for you in heaps.

Party hard. Like, really hard

This one requires endurance and commitment to the cause.

Absolute legends seem to have the incredible ability to party all night and then be up first thing in the morning ready to do it all over again.
We’d recommend sticking to Vodka Rev Bulls all night to try and keep up with them.

Get the drinks in

It doesn’t matter what the situation is. Real legends will always want to turn life into a bit of a party.

That’s why a real legendary move is to get the drinks in when no one is expecting it.

Going for a casual bite to eat after a lecture? Sneak off to the loo then bring back a round of pints.
You’ll be surprised how quickly life can go from zero to party in a matter of minutes.

Be an awesome wingman/woman

It’s great if you’re always the one who gets lucky in love on a night out.
But it’s legendary to be more concerned with helping those less fortunate find romance. It’s true. Real legends are less Casanova, and more Cupid.

Get a hidden talent

This is the hardest part.

Legends tend to have one hidden trick up their sleeve that they’ve told absolutely no-one about, but then all of sudden they bust it out at the coolest moment possible.

Card tricks. Breakdancing. A second language.

It’s up to you what you do. Just do it, do it well, and don’t tell anyone until the moment you show it off.


Be a good friend

Legends always have time for the people that matter to them.

Yeah it sounds lame, but it’s true. If you’re feeling a little hungover and emotional, you can guarantee that a legend will be able to dedicate a couple of hours to talk it through with you, no matter how much partying there is to do.
That’s how you kill at being a person.

Dance like MJ

Legends aren’t coy on the dancefloor. They don’t play it cool, holding their pint/cocktail whilst staring at the floor waiting for someone to approach them.

They get in front of those speakers and do crazy sh** that you’ve never even seen.
But It’s not even about the moves though. It’s about not giving a crap about what anyone thinks.

Now, all you’ve got to do is master all of these qualities and balance them into a maintainable lifestyle permanently.

We never said it would be easy. But that’s why legends are so damn hard to come by.

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