We love chocolate. And by ‘love’ we mean ‘are obsessed with’. But sometimes we like to take a walk on the wild side and have our choc fix remixed by dipping, pouring or melting it with something unexpected.

Here are favourite freaky chocolate combos:

1. Jalapeno peppers

Chocolate covered jalapeno

Sweet, melty goodness with a serious kick. Get the recipe here.

2. Bacon

Chocolate Bacon Sticks

Bacon with maple syrup? Whatever. If you want to take your cured pork to the next level, go chocolate or go home. Recipe here.

3. Parmesan

Chocolate Parmesan

Forget sprinkling parmesan on your spag bol. Combine it with dark chocolate for a serious flavour explosion. Recipe here.

4. Beef jerky

Chocolate Beef Jerky

Yeah, sure, this sounds a bit gross. But trust us, that coming-together of sweet and salty is to die for. Get it here.

5. Sun-dried tomatoes

chocolate covered sun-dried tomatoes

Not everyone loves sun-dried tomatoes. But we do. Particularly when they are dipped in chocolate. Make your own by following this recipe.

6. Broccoli

Chocolate Broccoli

Getting your five-a-day shouldn’t be this good. And, yes, they are good. Like, amazingly good. Get the lowdown here.

7. Quinoa

quinoa and choc

It doesn’t much more ‘superfood’ than quinoa. And it doesn’t get much more ‘super-duper food’ than quinoa and chocolate. Recipe here.

8. Crisps


Well, obviously. Recipe here (clue: dip crisps in chocolate).

9. Squid

chocolate squid

Too far? Probably, but it really is proof that chocolate can improve anything. Get the recipe here, if you’re brave enough.

Fancy getting your chocolate fix while living it up on a night out? Look no further than the scrumptious dessert section of our bar food menu. Laters, diet.

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