Few places are as funky, and frankly, freakin’ bizarre as the deepest darkest depths of ASOS.

This haven of hideous fashion is home to some seriously weird styles. FYI, if you fancy a laugh, it’ll definitely deliver.

Here are some of the most fantastically hideous things you can buy on ASOS right now. Don’t judge us – we’d totally rock some of these looks. The world is a weird place.


1. This creepy beige adult babygro

Creepy beige adult babygro

We’re pretty sure this is what you’d wear to murder someone. Sadly, it’s out of stock.

But whoa, whoa whoa. That means people actually PURCHASED this. Not only that, we, the human race, bought EVERY SINGLE ONE that ASOS made.

Mankind, you should be ashamed of your beige, see-through-unitard-loving selves.


2. These Adidas Originals Awkward Length Trousers

Ridiculous Adidas Trousers

We’re all for that retro 90s throwback vibe, but wtf are these trousers about? Not only are they weird-looking AF, they’re actually NAMED ‘Awkward Length Trouser’. Nice one, ASOS.

Not even the fact that they’re Adidas saves these monstrosities. Not one bit.


3. This Cheeseburger Head Mask

Burger Head

We love burgers, we really do.

But we genuinely can’t think of one single time in life that you’d want to become one. Especially without eyeholes.


4. This Bluebella Unwrap Me Body Bow

Unwrap Me Bow

Don’t know what’s worse. Whether it looks like it’s made from an old red sofa or the fact that it actually exists.


5. These Juju Parrot Wellington Boots

Parrot Wellies

Parrot wellies. Fabulous for keeping dry in a downpour, with the added protection of a PVC beak.

What more could you ask for?


6. This Mohair Beanie With Detachable Veil

Veil Beanie

Picture the scene. It’s a cold December day. You’re slayin’ it through your local park. You’re lookin’ so damn fine, some random comes up and asks for your hand in marriage.

BAM. You’re all set, already got ya veil on, just need a priest – and the nearest dog poo bin can be the alter.

Weddings and winter wear. What’s not to love?


7. This Festival Chevron Jumpsuit

Festival Chevron Jumpsuit

Who would have thought dressing like one of those weird psychedelic seeing-eye posters would be trendy in 2017?

Bask in the glorious attention of your friends staring at you, everyone trippin’ out and cross-eyed, waiting for a dolphin to appear out of your midriff. Party time, everyone.


8. This Metallic Sleeveless Puffer Jacket

Pink Metallic Puffer Jacket

If you’ve been looking for a winter coat with no redeeming qualities whatsoever, look no further my friend.

Trench coats and parkas are out, and metallic pink sleeveless puffer jackets are in, in, in.


9. These Pink Unicorn Men’s Pants

Pink Unicorn Pants

Because nothing says sexy like lurid pink unicorn pants. On a grown man. Simultaneously paired with…


10. This Inflatable Unicorn Horn Headband

Blow Up Unicorn Horn

While you’re at it, why not don your multi-coloured blow-up unicorn horn and really go wild…

Actually, we’d totally buy this for lols. Wouldn’t you?


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