Nothing can make a hangover hit you harder, faster and stronger than looking at your phone history and getting that sinking feeling as you silently scream, “ oh god what have I done”

But there is a solution! There’s much more to do with your phone, and with your life than Flappy Birds.

Before your  night out, here’s a few must-have, life-saving, cringe-preventing apps.

You are welcome.

Drunk Dial
Calling your ex at 1am after several cocktails? They’ll LOVE that. Or that’s what you thought. But now your ex thinks you’re still in love with them and spend your evenings crying over their Facebook photos. It’s time to get the Drunk dial. No! app. A warning sign pops up telling you not to call that person and won’t let you until the next day. It’s the best friend you’ve always wanted!


Fake conversation
You’ve been cornered by someone whose breath smells of wotsits. It’s time to make like a tree and leave, but how? This is where the fake conversation app comes in to its own. You can choose the topic from grandma fail to a concerned doctor. It’s the perfect crime.

There’s only one thing on your mind. Kebab. Big juicy kebab. But you’re in a city you don’t know. Don’t panic, Ikebab will find your nearest take away. Disaster averted.


1 second every day

This app creates a movie made up of 1 second from every day of your life. It’ll be like The Hangover picture montage, but for your whole life.

It didn’t happen unless it’s on Instagram, with a selfie ( Shameless plug, follow us @Revolutionbars).

Tinder helps you find singles in your area. Enough said really.


Forget the endless text message conversations that start with “Are you going out tonight?” Wendr lets you declare your intentions for the night ( going out, ALWAYS going out) and share them with your friends. You can then specify what you want your night to look like and see which party people are up for it!


Is your night not quite as fun as you expected? Need some light entertainment? Face juggler will be right up your street with this hilarious app that switches faces. The only thing funnier than this is when a dog puts its head out of a car window.

But don’t take our word for it, test some of these out on your next night, at Revolution of course, and book a table here.