There are some club anthems that are so stupendously big, so sonically glorious they become the stuff of legend.

It’s a list bursting with musical prestige – after all, only the highest order musician is able to conjure up a tune that has this kind of timeless appeal.

Bach. Mozart. Beethoven. Yeah, they’re pretty good. But can they send a club into a frenzy like these tunes can?

We think not.


Dj Otzi – Hey Baby

The chorus that launched a thousand parties.

DJ Otzi, we don’t know where you came from or where you are now, but we’ll always be grateful to you for this slice of absolute musical majesty.

This song is proof that legends never die. Then again, we’ve literally not heard anything about DJ Otzi for what, like 15 years or something? Maybe someone should check up on him.

Rebecca Black – Friday

When this first came out, everyone laughed at it, assuming it to be a piece of manufactured garbage that bordered on parody.

But then something strange happened. People actually started to get to like it.

It just goes to show that Rebecca Black’s sheer musical genius is able to overcome any degree of prejudice, teaching us all in the process that we shouldn’t dismiss something just because we don’t understand it.

DJ Casper – The Cha Cha Slide

This is a tune that gets everybody dancing.

Literally. The step-by-step instructions were a bold take on lyrical content that only a true genius like DJ Casper could have foreseen working.

But oh boy, did they work.

R Kelly – Ignition

Let’s face it – R Kelly is a bit of a dodgy dude.

But that doesn’t change the fact that when this classic comes on in the club, it’s met with an eruption of approval.

‘It’s the remix to ignition, hot and fresh out the kitchen, and I’m rollin’ ma….something…duh duh duh man in here wishin’

Everyone will attempt to sing the lyrics, and they will fail. But it’s no surprise.

After all, it is said that only R. Kelly himself possesses the musical power to be able to recall all of the lyrics perfectly.

So Solid Crew – 21 Seconds

Uh-oh. Now this list is going to get a bit more serious.

So Solid Crew are the ultimate grime crew, and no one will ever even try denying that.

This tune, detailing the harsh urban reality of life in the UK, took 30 members of the band to pull it off.

Yeah seriously, So Solid Crew actually had 30 members at one point. We’re guessing that one of their harsh urban realities was that no one ever offered to get a round in.

3 of a Kind – Babycakes

Most people used to be a bit chavvy at one point in their lives.

That’s why most people will go wild in the club when this comes on, the original chav classic about love turned rocky.

From the back of the bus to the biggest Ibiza clubs, this is tune that will DEFINITELY be remembered until the end of time itself.

Tony Christie – Is This The Way To Amarillo

Tony Christie, the legendary English singer from the 70’s, will go down in history as an absolute god of the club scene.

After all, thanks to a bit of help from Peter Kay, there’s no way you can put this tune on in any crowded room without everyone going wild for it.

We don’t know where Tony Christie is now, but we’re sure he’s hanging out in the sun, surrounded by beautiful women and showing the world how to party.

Lou Bega – Mambo No.5

‘A one, two, a three, four, five….’

As soon as you hear those immortal words, you know a mammoth tune is about to hit the club so hard you should all be wearing kevlar helmets and bracing for impact.

But you don’t care. This tune is so good, all you’re thinking about is where the other four mambos are at.

We can’t promise we’ll play all of these anthems at our dancefloor, mainly because we’re not worthy of their greatness.

We can however, promise we’ll do our best to give you an epic night out with tracks from mediocre artists like Drake…and snooze….Beyonce…you know, rubbish like that.

We’ll see you on the dancefloor.