Now, if you know anything about us, you’d know we’re a pretty modest bunch.

Like, we would never blow our own trumpet about our delicious cocktails, extraordinary parties, or the fact that we have OVER 30 Handcrafted Flavours for you to taste your way through. Nope. Never.

But sometimes, just sometimes, we create something so wonderfully perfect, we just HAVE to shout about it. This is one of those times. So without further ado, say hello to some of the tasty new eats from our stupendous Kitchen menu.

BBQ Rib burger

We know what you’re thinking, everywhere does a decent burger these days.

You mum can manage it, a man in a food truck can fashion something vaguely resembling one, and at this point, you can even probably get a passable burger in I-bloody-Kea.

But come on, if you’re sick of just decent and want to try the best of the best… It’s probably about time you got your mouth around this leaning tower of awesome.

With our famous hand-pressed burger topped with perfectly pulled BBQ beef rib, smoked cheddar, cheese sauce and crispy onions, after one taste of our BBQ Rib? You’ll never eat another merely-passable burger again. And we’re not sorry.

Popcorn Halloumi Wrap

Sit down cheddar, move along mozzarella, go have a long, hard think about what you’ve done red leicester, ‘cause it’s finally time to admit what anyone with half a taste bud could tell you… Halloumi is the GREATEST cheese of all time.

Seriously, we love you halloumi.

So much, in fact, we’ve taken those lil’ slices of salty, squeaky heaven, made them wonderfully bitesized, added some breadcrumbs and thrown the lot of ‘em in a deliciously toasted tortilla wrap. Did we mention that we love halloumi and don’t deserve its cheesy goodness?

Yeah? We did? Okay. Just making sure.

Steak Sandwich

We’re not sure who came up with the idea of sticking premium pieces of meat between a lightly toasted bun, but we feel like they deserve to be celebrated.

A knighthood? Yep. All the money in the world? They’ve earned it. Having every single newborn named after them? Sure. Whatever they want, just give it, ‘cause thanks to their genius, we have our Steak Sandwich.

And with thick rump steak, red onion chutney, and a healthy dollop of nose-tingling mustard, just looking at this beauty should have you building a shrine to the mysterious sandwich inventor.

Dirty King Prawns

Look, while we’ve provided two handy skewers with our Dirty King Prawns… Even we know that’s a lil’ optimistic.

Seriously, as soon as these bad boys arrive at the table, we can almost guarantee you’ll be using the skewers God gave you. And seeing as our breaded king prawns are tossed in our homemade chorizo mayo with a touch of spicy chilli, just make sure you don’t accidentally eat them – your fingers, that is.

Please, we can’t afford the hospital fees. You have been warned.


We could go on and on (and on and on and on) about the delights of our new menu, but if we’re honest, you’re best off taking a look at it yourself. Otherwise, we’ll never shut up about it.

And once you’re complete BFFs with our new Kitchen menu, it’s probably time to sample it all in its full glory. So book your table right here, message the one friend who can eat as much as you, and get royally stuck in.