Gin is a bit of divisive spirit. Its potent botanical flavours can prove to be a little bit overbearing for some, but for others, gin is the distilled essence of sophistication and class.

We’re massive fans of the stuff. Especially when you mix it together with some delightful ingredients, which is exactly what Soho bartender Dick Bradsell did when he invented the Bramble cocktail back in 1984. It’s fruity, sharp and sweet with a lovely blackberry finish. What’s not to like?

Here’s how to have a crack at it yourself. If you’re one of those who don’t like gin, then there’s a good chance this might change your mind.


Crystal glass


50ml Tanqueray gin
12.5ml lemon juice
12.5ml gomme
12.5ml Crème de Mure


2 blackberries and a lemon slice


First things first, fill up your boston glass with cubed ice. Then add the lemon juice, the gomme syrup and the Tanqueray gin. Now give all of that a good ol’ shake for seven seconds. Now grab your crystal glass and fill it with crushed ice. Strain the contents of the boston glass over the crushed ice. Finally, drizzle the Crème de Mure over the mixture, in order to produce a nice looking bleeding effect. Finally, garnish it up with 2 blackberries and a slice of lemon. Sorted.

And there you have it. Enjoy it knowing that you’re earning a few sophistication points in the process.

If you’re interested in learning some more cocktail wizardry at one of our cocktail masterclasses. We’re kinda really good at that kind of thing.

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