Spit your chewing gum out because there’s a new way to enjoy bubblegum in town and we can’t wait to introduce you!

It’s that sweet flavour that transports us all back to childhood, bubblegum! Bright in colour and taste, we knew this retro treat needed bringing into the modern day and what better way than mixing it with plenty of booze and calling it a cocktail.

The Revolution Bubblegum Daiquiri cocktail is here and it’s about to blow your mind but if you can’t get to a bar quick enough, here’s how to make one yourself!


Frappé Cup

Bubblegum Daiquiri Ingredients

75ml Bubblegum Handcrafted Flavour
50ml Apple Juice
12.5ml Bubblegum Syrup
12.5ml Lemon Juice
Garnish with Flying Saucer Sweets

How to make a Bubblegum Daiquiri Cocktail

  1. Root out your blender, give it a quick dust off and then load it up with all your ingredients, apart from the flying saucers.
  2. Swill some crushed ice around in your cup to chill it before chucking that in the blender too (just the ice, not the cup too)
  3. Securely put on the lid and give it a blend for about 30 seconds.
  4. Pour this bright blue, slushy like cocktail into your glass and load up with as many flying saucers as your heart desires (we’re not here to judge, so go to town)

Pop that straw in and take a ‘sip’ down memory lane with this retro cocktail – the bubblegum daiquiri!

Are you looking at this glorious recipe and thinking you’re missing something? You know, the Bubblegum Revolution Handcrafted Flavour? Kinda the main ingredient?

Well, we’ve got you covered.

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