Forget taking a trip to the candy shop, all you need to do for a sweet hit is whip up one of these Candy Appletini cocktails!

You spent years leaving that apple in your lunchbox but now as an adult who can enjoy cocktails, you’ve truly come to appreciate the wonder of the flavour of apple and we’re here to make it even better!

A little sharp but super sweet, the Candy Appletini cocktail is an exclusive mix from Revolution and now we’re letting you in on the secret recipe too!


Collins Glass
Boston Tin

Candy Appletini Ingredients

37.5ml Ketel One Vodka
25ml Cranberry Juice
12.5ml Vanilla Liqueur
12.5ml Apple Juice
12.5ml Strawberry Purée
75ml Red Bull Kiwi-Apple
2 teaspoons of Blueberry Jam
Garnish with a Strawberry and a Lime Wedge

How to make a Candy Appletini Cocktail

  1. Fill that boston tin with all the ingredients apart from the red bull and your garnish, popping in some cubed ice too.
  2. Shake what your mama (or dada) gave you and get that cocktail well mixed up.
  3. Grab your glass, fill it with fresh cubed ice and strain your cocktail mix in.
  4. Top up with your fancy flavoured Red Bull (wings may appear, we dunno) and finish with your garnish to make it look all fancy.

Now, get sippin’! If you appreciate the ease of our Candy Appletini recipe but still CBA, pop down to your local Revolution Bar and let your expert mixologists do the hard work for you!

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