Look, we need your help.

After seeing this video of a corgi trying to share his bone with his own reflection, we really didn’t think we’d EVER see anything this sweet again.

But then, literally out of nowhere, our crazy cocktail scientists created our Candy Appletini, a blend not only chock-full of enough fruit to get your five-a-day for the next three weeks, but a mix so sweet you’re definitely going to lick the glass when you’re done.

And if we’re honest, we’re just not sure of anything anymore.

So to settle this once and for all, we’re asking YOU to decide by making our Candy Appletini at home and testing it for yourself. 

P.S. We just watched the video again. We’re calling it a draw.


Collins glass
Boston tin

Candy Appletini Ingredients

37.5ml Ketel One vodka
25ml Cranberry juice
12.5ml Vanilla liqueur
12.5ml Apple juice
12.5ml Strawberry purée
75ml Red Bull Kiwi-Apple
2 teaspoons of blueberry jam


Lime wedge

How to make a Candy Appletini

This one’s easy. Firstly, grab your Boston tin and fill it with cubed ice. Then add ALL of your ingredients except the Red Bull Summer Edition. That’s the Ketel One vodka, vanilla liqueur, strawberry purée, blueberry jam, and both the cranberry and apple juice. Throw it all in.

Give this fruity mix a vigorous shake, think about how corgis are too pure for this world, and consider the best way to get your own charitable corgi while you’re at it. Then get a hold of your collins glass (any receptacle will do really), fill it with cubed ice and then strain the contents of your Boston tin into the glass.

Finally, top the mix with your Red Bull Summer Edition and to really finish this off, add a lime wedge and half a strawberry for garnish. Oh, go on then, add a full strawb.


Now, if you got distracted by the corgi video and completely forgot to make the cocktail…

Firstly, we understand. Secondly, come try this cocktail IN BAR today!

Our experts will create this blend without getting distracted, and while you’re here you can try ALL the funky flavours and tropical twists of our brand new I Love Vodka specials.

We just know you’re going to love ’em, so check out the menu today.

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