All aboard our cruise along the stream of summer cocktails, Captain Coconut will be leading the way

Nothing says summer like the taste of coconut, specifically Malibu if you’re over the age of 18, so what better key ingredient for a warm weather cocktail than that.

Pair it with some spicy Kraken and plenty of fruity flavours and you’ve got a cocktail that tastes like a sip of summer sunshine!

Bring the party home and whip up your own Captain Coconut cocktail at home:


Boston Tin


Captain Coconut Ingredients

25ml Kraken rum
25ml Malibu
12.5ml banana liqueur
12.5ml grenadine
100ml pineapple juice
50ml orange juice
2 pineapple slices to garnish

Captain Coconut Cocktail Recipe

  1. Fill your Boston tin with ice, your grenadine and your juices
  2. Chuck in your alcoholic ingredients too and give it a proper good shake
  3. Making your life even easier, leave cocktail in the Boston tin, top with crushed ice and your garnish and just pop a straw into drink!

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