So summers over. The mornings are getting colder and the nights are drawing in. So, we should all get settled in and stop the party, right? WRONG. Just because the temperature is dropping, it doesn’t mean that we can’t still turn up the heat.

So, that’s why we thought it was time to share the cocktail recipe for our Captain Coconut cocktail. It’s a hit of tropical goodness with a proper edge (courtesy of a measure of Kraken rum), and one taste will take you straight to a seafront shack in Bermuda.


Want to mix it up? Here’s how to create our Captain Coconut cocktail:


25ml Kraken rum
25ml Malibu
12.5ml banana liqueur
12.5ml grenadine
100ml pineapple juice
50ml orange juice
2 pineapple slices to garnish


Note: You’ll need a Boston glass and tin to make our Captain Coconut.

First, grab a Boston glass and fill it with ice, the grenadine and juices.  Next, add the alcoholic ingredients, pop on the lid and shake vigorously for 7 seconds. Leave the contents in the Boston tin, top with crushed ice and garnish with the pineapple. Stick in a couple of straws and you are good to go.

Find out more about the stories behind the cocktails on our menu (and, most importantly, taste them) by booking a cocktail making class today.

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