Coconut Margarita

Here’s a depressing thought.

In some countries, it’s sunny a lot. Like, most of the time. They’re actually used to it. They tell sad stories about that grey looking country where it’s constantly raining, and say things like, ‘the poor people, imagine all that rain and cold weather. I’ve heard it’s so miserable outside they have to live underground and survive on a diet of used PG pyramid tips and spam’.

That’s us they’re on about. We live here. And we can confirm that yes, it does get a bit miserable.

Oh well, at least we have tequila. Because when you blend tequila with lime, coconut and ice, things start to feel a whole lot more sunny.

Our Coconut Margarita is like liquid sunshine, and it’s the closest you’ll get to paradise without leaving your kitchen. Enjoy.


Tin Can


25m Coco Reàl

25ml Pineapple juice

12.5ml Malibu

12.5 Lime

50ml Olmeca Tequila


Pineapple quarter & lime wheel


Grab your blender, and put in every ingredient except from the ice. Then, fill up your serving tin with crushed ice, and throw that into the blender too. Blend until smooth. Pour your icy beverage into the serving tin and garnish with a pineapple quarter and a lime wheel. Sorted. Sit back, relax, and drink another five so you can well and truly forget about the rain.

Our cocktails are crafted by experts, that’s why they taste so damn good. If you want a bit of expertise in your life, book into a cocktail masterclass and we’ll teach you a trick or two.

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