It might be one of the most simple cocktails to make, but get it wrong and you could find yourself in a whole heap of trouble.

The Dark ‘n Stormy only contains two ingredients (the lime is optional): Gosling’s Black Seal rum and ginger beer. The drink itself is trademarked by Gosling’s, so if it contains a different rum it ain’t a Dark ‘n Stormy and, if you call it one, those guys will come after you. They are fiercely protective of their drink, as well they should be.

Gosling’s is an exceptional rum, dark, syrupy and smoky and, as with pretty much all rum stories, it started with the sailors. The cocktail’s name (apparently) comes from an old fisherman who described the tempest that occurred when the rum floated over the ginger beer as “a cloud only a fool or a deadman would sail under”.

Aside from all that, the Dark ‘n Stormy is the official drink of Bermuda, a country that knows and loves its rum. Which is enough of a reason to make it a classic in our book.


50ml Goslings Black Seal rum
100ml ginger beer
Fresh Lime


Fill a glass with ice and squeeze in some fresh lime. Add the ginger beer and float Gosling’s Black Seal rum over the top. Garnish with some fresh lime, and there you have it.

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