Let us guess…

You don’t like gin. It’s too dry tasting. You’d rather stick to vodka. You’d prefer to narrow-mindedly limit your experiences to the things you’re used to.

Okay, people don’t really say that last one very often, but you get our point. If you’re not a gin drinker, get on it. Snoop Dogg love the stuff, so you should too.

Especially when we’ve mixed it into a bloody gorgeous cocktail like this one. It’s easy to make and it’s about as refreshing as it comes.


Boston tin
Jam Jar


37.5ml Beefeater gin
12.5ml elderflower liqueur
12.5ml strawberry purée
Top with Ting


Lemon slice


Grab your Boston tin and jam jar glass. Fill them both with cubed ice. Add all of the ingredients into the Boston tin. Give it a vigorous shake. Strain into jam jar and top up with Ting. Add two straws, a stirrer, and garnish with a slice of lemon.

Does it actually get any easier than that? You’re about 5 minutes away from an awesome, fruity, refreshing cocktail, and after just one sip and you’ll feel just like Snoop Dogg (or Rasta Dogg. Or Snoopy the Lion. Or whatever he’s  actually called these days).


When it comes to cocktails, there’s no-one like us, so do yourself a favour check out our awesome drinks menu.

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