The three things we love most in the world?

Cocktails, duh. Christmas, obviously. And like any sane human being, we can’t get enough of those lil’ gingerbread man biscuits. But how on Earth could we combine this trinity of ace things into one, errr, acer thing?

Well, our Gingerbread Man-tini that’s how! Thanks to a creamy combo that just can’t be beaten, this is a sweet, yummy taste of Christmas lovin’ straight from the oven.

And for a real gift this Christmas, we’re even showing you how to make this winter warmer at home. Enjoy!



Gingerbread Man-tini ingredients

25ml Ketel One vodka
25ml Kahlúa
12.5ml vanilla liqueur
75ml half and half
25ml dulce de leche


Squirty cream
Dulce de leche
Gingerbread man biscuits

How to make a Gingerbread Man-tini

Okay, this one’s easy pretty easy to unwrap if we’re honest.

First get out your blender (your nan probably got you one about four Christmases ago) and chuck in all your ingredients apart from the garnish bits, obvs. That’s your Ketel One vodka, the Kahlúa, vanilla liqueur, half and half, and the dulce de leche. Throw it all in like you’re an expert at this or something.

Stick on the lid of your blender (IMPORTANT!) and give it a blast for around 20 seconds or until your finger gets tired from holding down the button.

Then pour this perfect mix into a tall glass (or the Christmas cup you definitely stole from us) and garnish with squirty cream, a drizzle of dulce de leche and of course, two gingerbread man biscuits. Or seventeen. It is Christmas after all.

And finally, DIG IN!


With this gloriously creamy cocktail, does it suddenly feel like all your Christmases have come at once?

Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet. From gifts for your taste buds to the festive reindeer fuel you really need this year, check out our BRAND NEW Christmas drinks menu in all its seasonal glory right here.  

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