It might look like a gingerbread latte from a certain high street coffee shop we all know and love but we promise you what’s inside this Christmas cup is way better!

Get the festive season started with this warming and delicious Christmas cocktail made by the talents at Revolution – the Gingerbread Man-tini.

It tastes good, it looks good, it might pick you up a few likes on Insta, win-win really isn’t it? And even better than all that, you can have authentic Gingerbread Man-tini cocktails available on tap in your own home because we’re spilling the beans and giving you the recipe!



Gingerbread Man-tini Cocktail Ingredients

25ml Ketel One Vodka
25ml Kahlúa
12.5ml Vanilla Liqueur
75ml Half and Half
25ml Dulce de Leche
Garnish with Squirty Cream, Dulce de Leche and a mini Mr. Gingerbread Biscuit

How to make a Gingerbread Man-tini Cocktail

  1. Fish out the blender from the back of the cupboard and throw in all the ingredients apart from your squirty cream and your gingerbread biscuit.
  2. Make sure the lid is on securely (you’ll regret ignoring that advice if you don’t) and give it a blend for around 20 seconds.
  3. Grab that disposable Christmas cup (or a regular glass if you’re less extra) and pour your mixture in.
  4. Top with a big whip of squirty cream and drizzle some dulce de leche on like a fancy chef.
  5. Initially, we recommend delicately placing two mini gingerbread men on top and then grabbing a pic for Instagram. Once you’ve got the perfect shot, load on the rest of the gingerbread biscuits ‘cause IT’S CHRISTMAS!

Grab a straw unless you particularly like getting whipped cream all over your nose and enjoy!

With this gloriously creamy cocktail, does it suddenly feel like all your Christmases have come at once?

Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet. From gifts for your taste buds to the festive reindeer fuel you really need this year, check out our BRAND NEW Christmas drinks menu in all its seasonal glory right here.