Leonardo Dicaprio, 22 years since his first Oscar nomination, is extremely likely to finally lay his hands on the prestigious statuette this weekend, for his ridiculously intense turn as Hugh Glass in The Revenant.

To celebrate, we’re giving you the recipe to our Halle Berry cocktail, which is probably the only thing in the world that can match the sweetness of Leo’s long overdue victory.

And if he loses….well, let’s not talk about that possibility. We’re genuinely worried for what it might do to his mental state.




25ml Stoli

25ml Stoli Razberi

12.5ml amaretto

25ml strawberry purée

50ml apple juice


2 x raspberries


Fill up a boston glass with cubed ice. Pour in the strawberry purée and apple juice. Then, add Stoli, Stoli Razberi and Amaretto. Now, shake it all up vigorously. Strain the contents into a 130z glass over cubed ice. Top with crushed ice and two raspberries.


If they gave out Academy Awards for being absolute bosses behind the bar, we’d be the Daniel Day Lewis of cocktail making.

If you fancy upping your cocktail making game to a world-class standard, why not book into a cocktail masterclass with us?

To see the kind of wonders we’re able to mix up, check out our drinks menu here. It’s like a encyclopaedia of awesome.

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