For some people, the taste for alcohol is just too hard to acquire. But the trouble is, the effects are too damn fun to resist.


All too often for these unfortunate souls, consuming alcohol means quickly chasing a shot of vodka with a swig of coke. It’s all a bit distressing really.


Luckily for them, we know how to mix the harsher flavours together to mouthwatering effect.


In fact, we’re so good at it, we end up with cocktails that taste better than any drink out there, alcoholic or not. Like our Jammy B*****d cocktail.
See for yourself.


Jam Jar



25ml Absolut Blue

12.5ml Absolut Berri Açai

12.5ml Amaretto

12.5ml Chambord

50ml apple juice

25ml blackberry purée



2 raspberries



Grab a boston glass. Fill it with cubed ice. Add blackberry purée, apple juice and all the alcoholic ingredients (in that order). Give it all a good old shake. Strain over fresh ice into a jam jar glass. Top up with crushed ice. Garnish with two straws, a stirrer and two raspberries.


In fact – maybe we shouldn’t have given you that recipe. It’s so fruity, sweet and jammy, you might start drinking it instead of your morning smoothie.


If you really want to get to know some of the black magic we work on these alcoholic blends, why not book yourself and your friends into a cocktail masterclass?


Or, you can get to know the dark arts at home using some of our other cocktail recipes below. Enjoy.

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