Vodka Revbull

A simple approach can result in two outcomes.


The first is boredom. The second, on the other hand, is perfection. Which one you end up with depends on the quality of execution.


That’s exactly the case when it comes to our Vodka Rev Bull.  The recipe is pure simplicity, but when you make sure that you’re using the best vodka available, then the results are better than boring. Much, much better in fact.


See for yourself.






50ml Stoli

1 x can Red Bull/Sugar-free Red Bull



1 lime wedge



Fill up your mimosa glass with ice. Add the Stoli vodka. Add one can of Red Bull / Sugar-free Red Bull into the mix. Garnish with a lime wedge, and two straws and a stirrer. Serve with the remainder of the can, perfect for that extra bit of energy on the dancefloor.


There you go – now you can really appreciate the value of simplicity. We don’t often like to pair things down, but when we do, we absolutely nail it. Just saying.



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