Apples and berries might be an age-old match made in heaven when it comes to crumble but newsflash, they work even better together in a cocktail.

Turn down the heat on this traditional flavour combo and enjoy as an ice cold cocktail instead of your usual winter pud, we’ve paired sweet apple with sharp berry flavours to create a cocktail that simply treats your taste buds to a party!

We love to see your pretty faces sipping our cocktails on a Saturday night (and every other night of the week too) but we get not every night can be a ‘let’s go to Revs night’, so here’s how to whip up your very own Appleberry Bramble cocktail at home!


Boston tin
Highball glass

Appleberry Bramble Cocktail Ingredients

Tanqueray No. 10 gin
Blackcurrant liqueur
Apple juice
Pear syrup
Lemon purée
Fresh raspberries
Rosemary sprig and a lemon slice for garnish


How to make an Appleberry Bramble Cocktail

  1. This recipe is as easy as pie, simply fill your boston tin and highball glass with cubed ice before chucking all those ingredients, apart from your garnish into the boston tin.
  2. Shake like you’ve never shaken before for a good few seconds before fine straining the mixture into your glass.
  3. Pop that garnish on in whatever way you please, grab a pic for the ‘gram and get sipping!

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