Stop your rockin’ around the Christmas tree and deckin’ the halls with holly and get cocktail making cause we’ve got something festive for you to try!

Celebrating one of the main men for this time of year, good ol’ rudolph, we’ve dedicated our new Christmas cocktail to him! The Rudolph Frappé cocktail is a super special festive bev available exclusively at Revolution Bars… until now, because we’re about to share the recipe with you so you can do it yourself at home!


Frappé cup (that you probably pinched from us)

Rudolph Frappé Cocktail Ingredients

25ml Ketel One vodka
37.5ml Raspberry (or Very Cherry) Handcrafted Flavour
25ml Cherry syrup
50ml Pineapple juice
12.5ml Lime juice
25ml Strawberry Purée
Squirty cream (For Garnish)
Cherry (For Garnish)
Mint Springs (For Garnish)

How to make a Rudolph Frappé Cocktail

  1. Dig out that blender and throw in all your ingredients aside from the bits you’ll be garnishing with.
  2. Ensure the lid is on securely and give it a good blend until it is the right consistency.
  3. Grab your frappe cup and pour in the mixture.
  4. Time to bring Rudolph to life – squirt a heavy helping of cream on top, give him a cherry nose and strategically place two mint sprigs to look like antlers and there you go!

Pop your straw in, turn Buble on the radio and get sippin’ on that festive flavoured Christmas cocktail!

If you’ve LOVED our Rudolph Frappé recipe but would like a hand cookin’ one up, book a Cocktail Masterclass. We’ll teach you ALL the secret tricks – and if you fancy trying your hand, we’ll sit back and enjoy the chaos.