We love Santa. We love doggos. And as Santa doesn’t have a doggo, we love the next best thing – his red-nosed, four-legged friend, Rudolph.

So much so, we created a beautiful, reindeer-inspired blend and stuck it on our Christmas cocktail specials menu. It’s delightfully festive and so damn good, we’ve just gotta share the recipe – so here’s how to DIY it at home.


Frappé cup (that you probably pinched from us)

Rudolph Frappé Ingredients

25ml Ketel One vodka
37.5ml Raspberry (or Very Cherry) Handcrafted Flavour
25ml Cherry syrup
50ml Pineapple juice
12.5ml Lime juice
25ml Strawberry Purée


Squirty cream
Mint sprigs

How to make a Rudolph Frappé

If you’ve any hope of perfecting this sleigh-pulling masterpiece, you need to find your blender. Whether you make do with a hand-whisk, or you wait for the Nutribullet that you’ve deffo asked for for Christmas, that’s up to you.

Blend all your ingredients, bar the garnish. That’s right just throw ‘em all in – no airs, no graces.

We make our Rudolph Frappé with Raspberry Handcrafted Flavour, but seeing as you can now easy peasy pick up a bottle of Very Cherry from the RevolutionSTORE, we’ve tweaked this recipe just a tad. It’ll still taste great and SUPER sweet, with just a hint of cherry tang.

Next, grab your frappé cup (if you’re an honest soul that hasn’t pinched one from us, God bless you. A simple plastic party cup will suffice) and carefully pour in your creation.

Top with squirty cream and your cherry red nose, then strategically stick in your two mint sprig antlers. Voila! Your very own pet Rudolph. Bonus points if you’ve got googly eyes laying about (but don’t get excited and drink them).


If you’ve LOVED our Rudolph Frappé recipe but would like a hand cookin’ one up, book a Cocktail Masterclass. We’ll teach you ALL the secret tricks – and if you fancy trying your hand, we’ll sit back and enjoy the chaos.

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