There’s no doubt about it, our Coke Float is just like the ones you used to get as a kid.

Slurped immediately? Check. Guaranteed to get you giddy? Check. Absolutely chock-full of crisp vodka and sweet amaretto? Errr…

Okay, so maybe ours is a bit different.

But if you want nothing more than a blast from the past with a delightfully boozy kick, here’s how to make our nostalgic Coke Float at home.


Boston tin
Mason jar


37.5ml Ketel One vodka
25ml amaretto
12.5ml lime juice
75ml Coca-Cola


Squirty cream


This one’s scarily easy. Firstly, grab your Boston tin and fill it with cubed ice. Then throw all your ingredients into the Boston tin. That’s the Ketel One vodka, amaretto, lime juice, and Coca-Cola. Get it all in there.

Now, time to show off. Give this boozy mix a vigorous shake for about ten seconds in the most obnoxious way you can possibly manage. If you aren’t sticking your tongue out while doing this, you’re evidently not trying hard enough.

Once the mix is thoroughly shaken and you’re feeling thoroughly obnoxious, add cubed ice to your mason jar, then pour in your delicious concoction.

Finally, add a healthy amount of squirty cream like this is a showstopper on The Great British Bake Off, then top it off with a cherry you’ll probably eat the second it goes on, and there you have it! 


Now, if you were too busy thinking about your long-lost childhood and forgot to make the bloomin’ cocktail…

Firstly, we understand. Secondly, come try our Coke Float IN BAR today before it’s gone forever!

That’s right, the funky flavours and tropical twists of our I Love Vodka specials are leaving our bars, so pick your favourite from the menu right here, book your table, and get tastin’ your way through every last one of ’em!

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