You’re probably thinking a coke float ain’t a cocktail but leave it to the team at Revolution Bars and we’ll turn any childhood classic into an adults dream!

We took that weird and wonderful flavour combo from your youth, chucked in plenty of vodka and amaretto to create a new and improved alcoholic coke float that is currently sitting pride of place on our drinks menu!

Perfect for when you fancy a walk (or drunken stumble) down memory lane and now you can even sip on one in the comfort of your own home with this quick and easy coke float recipe!


Boston Tin
Mason Jar


37.5ml Ketel One Vodka
25ml Amaretto
12.5ml Lime juice
75ml Coca-Cola
Garnish with Squirty Cream and Cherries

How to Make the Coke Float Cocktail

  1. Quick and easy to whip up, grab your trusty Boston tin, throw in all the ingredients except your garnish and give it a shake, shake, shake!
  2. Fill your glass up with cubed ice and pour that perfectly blended concoction into the glass.
  3. Top with plenty of whipped cream and a couple of cherries before digging straight in!

Now, if you were too busy thinking about your long-lost childhood and forgot to make the bloomin’ cocktail…

Firstly, we understand. Secondly, come try our Coke Float IN BAR today before it’s gone forever!

That’s right, the funky flavours and tropical twists of our I Love Vodka specials are leaving our bars, so pick your favourite from the menu right here, book your table, and get tastin’ your way through every last one of ’em!