Let’s be real, we’d probably give anything to relive ages 5 to 10.

Back then, the sky was blue, puberty was something that happened to other people, you weren’t paying National Insurance and most importantly, there was SO much cool stuff to fill your days with!

They were truly the best of times. But now, just like trying to recapture your youth by watching Rugrats, it’s impossible to get loads of the cool stuff that made your childhood. To show you what we’re on about, here’s a bunch of extinct things we really, really miss.

RIP in peace.

Frufoo Yogurts

Petits Filous? Munch Bunch? Muller bloody Corner? These all to need to bend the knee ASAP, ‘cause this right here is the one true King of Yogurts.

Not only did they come with a free toy in the middle, but the Frufoo yogurt itself was the most pleasing shade of pink you’ve ever seen. Seriously, forget that dull pink you see nowadays that comes from putting fresh raspberries into a blender, this was the comforting, fluorescent hue that comes with a heaped tablespoon of food colouring.

And if they came back, we wouldn’t change ‘em for the world.


You played it. Your parents played it. Even your Grandma played it on her first ever ‘big button’ phone. Basically, Snake was the ULTIMATE mobile game and the Nokia 3310 was the ULTIMATE mobile.

Countless childhood hours were spent desperately trying to beat your admirable high score, only for your older sibling/parent/Grandma to set a ridiculous new score on your phone and ruin your life forever.

Sure, there are other ways to play Snake nowadays… But it’s just not the same.

Turkey Twizzlers

We still haven’t forgiven Jamie Oliver for this.

Sure, the turkey twizzlers you guzzled down for school lunches may have had been fatty, reconstituted meat with more E numbers than Albert Einstein’s blackboard, but they were also the warm, comforting hug that got you through the school day, and now they’re gone forever.

Jamie, just so you know… You’re on our list.

Candy Sticks

Back when life had less morals or sense, these Candy Sticks were an absolute must for any kid trying to be cool.

Sure, some kids might’ve bought them for their chalky texture/flavour but for the rest of us, it was all about pretending to smoke, wearing the free tattoo and obviously, being a certified 10/10 badass.

Until your mum saw you, of course. You’ve never eaten anything so quick since.

10p Freddos

Forget some insightful article in the Financial Times, if you ever need an indication of how the world’s economy is doing, just look at the inflation of everyone’s favourite Freddo.

Now at an astronomical THIRTY pence per bar, it’s getting to the point where before you know it, we’ll have to save for a deposit and pay off the chocolate bar with 25 years of payments.

We miss you, 10p Freddo, more than you could ever know.


It looks like you’re trying to rekindle your favourite childhood memories! Would you like some help with that?

The Microsoft Office Assistant, AKA Clippy, may have been a touch useless when all you were doing on Word was typing your name in a thousand different fonts, but there’s no denying his cheerful exuberance was just a lil’ bit cute.

Unfortunately for us, Microsoft switched Clippy off in 2007 for good, and now all we can hope is that somewhere, somehow, he’s on a computer winking at odd intervals and randomly interrupting somebody’s activity to ask if they need help writing a letter.


Wish you could go back and make the most of all this old stuff one last time?

Well, we can’t bring back Frufoo yogurts, but we can make sure you get chance to spend ALL your soon-to-be-unusable £1 coins!

Until Friday 13th October, we’re exchanging all your old pound coins for one of our delicious Handcrafted Flavour shots.

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