How cool is this bottle? Crystal Head is the brain wave of Hollywood star, Dan Akroyd (Ghostbusters, Blues Brothers) and is a modern spirit inspired by some ancient discoveries.

The 80’s icon got all excited by 13 crystal heads that have turned up all over the Globe, from Tibet to South America. The skulls are up to 35,000 years-old and are believed to symbolise both purity and spirituality. Exactly how and why they been found so far apart continues to puzzle some of the World’s greatest archaelogical minds. Aliens? Brutal ancient rituals? Well, it certainly sounds like a case for Moulder and ‘Skully’ as quite clearly, some sort of supernatural skullduggary is afoot.

The story of the skulls inspired the former Blues Brother to create a boozy tribute to these crystalised cranuims, by launching one of the most exciting vodka’s in the World today.

The Crystal Head bottle, a stunning glass skull that took over two years to design and develop, is one of the most intricate bottles we have ever seen and the good news is that the vodka inside is worthy of such a vessle. Using only the purest natural ingredients, Crystal Head is quadruple-distilled before being filtered through 500 million year-old crystals to create one of the purest vodka’s on the planet.

This vodka really is purity personified and is now available at Revolution Vodka bars.

Hat’s (and skull’s) off to Mr Akroyd’s valiant vodka effort that looks as good as it tastes…Respect!