**Phone pings**

Bestie: Hey! Are you up for brunch this weekend? I’ve got gossip.

Us: You had us at brunch.


If your last 18 months has been synonymous with cancelled trips, being away from loved ones or simply worrying you’ll be fined for leaving the house (we can obvs laugh about it now) then here are eight reasons why our Festive Bottomless Brunch is THE perfect way to celebrate Christmas this festive season.


Because all great memories begin with a bottomless brunch!

We all know the feeling… Waking up and getting ready to join your favourite people for a cheeky day drinking session.

Who doesn’t love the overwhelming giddiness you feel when you realise you’re sitting in your favourite Revolution surrounded by wonderful people, belting out classic Christmas bangers and having the absolute time of your life.

We might even call it an “overwhelming sense of unity” Instagram filters, Iconic Boomerang Cheers, and genuine laughter. It’s these insanely fun memories you’re making that’ll last forever.



Because… Pigs in blankets. Obvs.

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a pig or two in blankets!

That’s why we decided to add them in our special Turkey Sub… Ya know for an extra festive feel. Complete with gravy, cranberry sauce, crispy fried sage and onion stuffing balls all wrapped up in a delicious soft white sub roll, we won’t blame you for wanting to book in more than once to enjoy our take on this classic again and again.



If you like White Christmas Coladas…

Then you’re are in the right place! Yes, you heard that correctly.

Escape the normalities of the usual boozy serve this year and tantalise those tastebuds with our Christmas special cocktail “White Christmas Colada”.

We took the humble piña colada and add some *spice* to really get you in the… well, in the spirits of course! You can also find our Blank Canvas cocktail in a selection of different flavours, the classic Bloody Mary, Beers, Prosecco, Disaronno Spritz, Aperol Spritz, vodka tonics, and of course a wide selection of booze-free options!

Fancy going all out with bells on? Of course, you do. Upgrade to Pornstar Martinis and the full range of our Vodka and Tonics for only £10pp.



Those that brunch together, stay together.

As the cold weather sets in (and damn is it setting in?!) it’s the perfect time to get out and about with that special someone of yours.

There is no better way of doing that than spending an afternoon with your favourite person, whilst you sit back and let the drinks flow. It’s Date Night… But better.

First Date vibes? 90 minutes of bottomless fun is the perfect way to get to know each other. You can thank us later.



The perfect option for a fuss-free Christmas do!

Ever wondered how Kevin from Accounts eats his eggs in the morning? Now is your chance to indulge your curiosities. It’s okay, we’ve all got them.

It’s an opportunity to get to know your colleagues in a different way, and unwind together as a team. With many looking for a different take on the office party, our Festive Bottomless Brunch is the perfect solution for your Christmas party AND you’ll get more bang for your price per head.



The perfect post-Christmas Do hangover cure!

Got your Christmas party sorted, but also want to share in your mutual “I borrowed too much happiness from today” and get all the gossip from the night before? We got you.

If you’re in charge of planning the office Christmas do this year, planning a recovery brunch the day after is absolutely the one. Our delicious brunch dishes and refreshing drinks are a solid cure for any sore heads (probably).



F*ck it, it’s Christmas!

That’s it. That’s the reason.

For real though, it’s the phrase on everyone’s lips as soon as the clock strikes midnight on the 1st of December. Uni assignment late? F*ck it, it’s Christmas. A whole tub of Quality Street down in one sitting? F*ck it, it’s Christmas. Bottomless Brunch for the third weekend on the trot? F*ck it, it’s Christmas!



You will be home in time for all those cosy Christmas evening film marathons.

Possibly the most underrated aspect of the entire Bottomless Brunch event. Choose an early slot, enjoy your brunch and you can be home whilst it’s still daylight outside. That means you can wave goodbye to the late-night and potential lost time the following day.

You can leave our brunch in the comforting knowledge that you will soon be back at home, in your Christmas PJs, knowing full well you’ll be doing it all again next weekend.


To book your Festive Bottomless Brunch, click the BOOK button at the top of the page. We know you’re going to love it.