Still got your ex’s clothes? Burn that s***.  

Metaphorically that is. 

We’re not out here lighting fires, but we are taking a negative and turning it into a positive. If you’re still holding onto your ex’s hoody, tracksuit, or you might just really hate that pair of jeans, bring it to your local Revs and we’ll donate it to charity for you. Wash it down with a shot of flavour, and close off that chapter of your life.  

We’re begging you though, no crusty socks and dirty pants please. 

Now that you remember who you are, and you’re ready to enter your independence era, we have our top five anti-valentine’s films below for you to enjoy. You’re welcome.  


The First Wives Club (1996) 

An oldie, but definitely a goodie. This film is hilarious and the epitome of anti-valentine. The film is about a group of divorcees who get together to plot revenge on their ex-husbands who have remarried younger woman.  

Get Out (2017) 

This horror film is bound to make you question everything. Showing you that you should never get too invested in a relationship, until you find out what their family is like… 

Kill Bill (2003) 

Another oldie but goodie, you really can’t go wrong with Kill Bill as a top anti-valentine film. We’re talking blood, gore and female empowerment with one mission, to kill an Ex (which we don’t condone… we just want their old clothes). 

What Men Want 

This female empowerment film is hilarious and will remind you that men aint worth it. A feel-good comedy that will leave you wanting to read everyone’s minds and laughing in hysterics. Ladies, always remember, anything a man can do, you can do it too (sometimes better). 

  1. Closer 2004 

Finally, you’ll love this one because it’s gritty and entertaining. Despite technically being a romantic drama, this film is a tragedy. With all main characters being unfaithful to each other, creating a messy love square, this film reminds you the ugly side of love and lust. 

Now whether it’s a night in with friends, or a self-care night, these films are sure to get you through valentine’s day.