Father’s Day SHOULD be spent at Revolution…

Wait, wait. Here us out.


We know we’re not the traditional way to show your Dad/resident Dad figure in your life some love, but we think we’ve got this one covered.

It’s likely your Dad won’t be expecting anything because let’s be honest, Mums are always the ones we take out for meals and drinks.

Dads matter too though, so surprising them with a trip out on you (sorry but you’ve gotta get the bill on this occasion) will make for a lovely surprise.

Here are five reasons you need to do that at Revs:


Dads LOVE Cocktails

Shocking news right? Not really! Cocktails are delicious, they’re refreshing and they’re not just for Instagram photos (obvs that matters too though).

  • For Dads who don’t want a fuss:
    • Ease them in with a Long Island Iced Tea. Strong but not too fancy looking.
  • For the Dads ready to branch out:
    • Might we suggest a Pornstar Martini. Sorry, not sorry for the Dad jokes that will follow… but we’ll take the thanks for discovering his new favourite drink all the same.
  • For the Dads ready to be down with the kids:
    • We recommend a Mean Girl. It’s a fruity mix of Ketel One vodka, Beefeater Pink gin, lime, cranberry juice and lemonade. We promise your Dad will love it, sassy post-it note and all.


Dads LOVE Burgers

We are generalising here but when our burgers look and taste as good as they do, we’re pretty confident your Dad will love them.

Every Wednesday, we do a special mid-week saviour deal where you can grab a beer and a burger for just £10.

Don’t like beer? No drama. R-Heart Cocktails, house wine and soft drinks are also included. You’re welcome.

We know Father’s Day isn’t on a Wednesday, but there’s nothing to stop you extending the celebrations for your Dad, starting with a mid-week treat.

Plus, we won’t mention the £10 deal to your Dad if you don’t… Though we reckon he’d be proud of you for saving some pennies.

Discover more about our Mid-Week Saviour deal here.



Dads LOVE Afternoon Tea

Go on… Prove us wrong.

Our Afternoon Tea is not your average Afternoon Tea. There’s not a single scone or egg mayonnaise sandwich in sight.

Instead, we’ve replaced the traditional ingredients with things like Cheesy Bacon Fries, Cheeseburger Sliders, Crispy Fried Chicken… oh and decadent waffles, plus a cheeky shot of Revs Flavour – plus some other treats we know you and your Dad will love.

Find out more about our Afternoon tea, by clicking here.


Dads LOVE Bottomless Brunch

ICYMI, our Bottomless Brunch isn’t just for cocktails – and whilst we’ve already discussed how Dads love those, we know Dads also like beer (we covered that one earlier too!) so treat them to a Bottomless Brunch at Revs.

They’ll get a decadent brunch dish, bottomless beers and two hours with their favourite child.

Brunch dishes we reckon they’ll love are our Brunch Grill, our Fried Chicken & Bacon Waffles or if you’re feeling extra generous upgrade their food options to any burger on the menu for an extra £2.50.

Discover Bottomless Brunch here. Your Dad will love you for it.


Dads LOVE Spending Time With You

We’re going for the heartstrings here, but however, you choose to celebrate Father’s Day with your Dad/Papa/Father we know your Dad will be grateful for the quality time you spend together.

Who knows, it might even become a yearly tradition to bring your Dad to Revs.


When you’re ready, click here to book your Father’s Day trip to Revs.