We’ve said it before and we’ll say it againBottomless Brunch / Brunch Club at Revs is always a good idea… but here are five reasons why that’s actually true.


1. You can still make your Sunday roast the next day

Who doesn’t love a Sunday roast, but have you ever tried to tuck into a Sunday Roast when you were up until the early hours of the morning? It is not fun.

By enjoying a delicious Bottomless Brunch, or Brunch Club if you’re in Scotland, on a Saturday afternoon you can have your Avo-on-Toast (actually check out reason number 4 for more on the food!), your delicious cocktails AND still be in bed for 8:30pm.



2. Golden Hour Photos

Maybe this should be number one, because we’re not sure much can beat the glow of a photo taken at golden hour.

Picture this (sorry, not sorry), you’ve got your favourite outfit on, the cocktails are flowing and your bestie has just snapped your new profile photo.

Life is good.


3. It’s giving quality time with your besties

There are many reasons to have brunch, and THIS is ultimately what it’s all about.

You can sit, feast, sip and let the world pass you by as you catch up with your favourite people.

Our Brunch bookings are two hours, so whether you’re on a strict time limit or have all the time in the world nothing quite matches the joy of good company.


4. The Food

Whether you’re looking for a rich decadent feast to keep you going until cheesy chips time, or a refreshing bite to eat to start your day right – we’ve got you covered.

From a traditional fry-up to pizza and burgers, plus everything in between, your new favourite brunch dish is waiting for you.

Click here to check out the menu.


5. The Drinks

When we say we have drinks for everyone, we truly mean it. Our drinks don’t just include mimosas and Prosecco, though they are of course on the menu.

We also have bottled beers, mocktails, soft drinks and of course cocktails.

From boozeless brunches with our most loved non-alcoholic drinks right through to our Premium brunches that include bottomless Pornstar Martinis, knowing your favourite tipple is on the menu is definitely a great reason to brunch.


Ready to book your brunch at Revs? Of course you are. Click here to head to our brunch page, see the menu and secure your date.