2021… The year we returned to “normal” and finally got to reunite, travel and socialise.

By now, we’re sure you’ve ticked off most of your To-Do List, but the year is not over yet! If you have a niggling feeling there is something you’ve forgotten… We’ve got you with our last-minute checklist of everything you need to do before the year ends.


One – Nothing brings the family together better than a good old game of Monopoly… Right?

Board games are the best way to bring your family together for quality time this festive season. We suggest Monopoly, but we also know that every family has somebody in it that everyone else avoids playing with… If you don’t, then we regret to inform you that it’s you.

If the idea of playing banker and trying to get past Go all seems a bit too much, get your family together and book a table with us instead. We can guarantee that there will be no table flipping, just good times all night.



Two – Write your Christmas Cards

Not sure this is still a thing? Well, we’re here to tell you it is.

In a time where we’ve seen our loved ones less than ever, this is actually a pretty great therapy session. It reminds us who has been there for us, and who we can’t wait to spend more happy times with. Plus, who doesn’t love getting post that isn’t a bill?

Quick… Grab your best pen, get Buble playing and let the love flow.



Three – Head out for a festive feast (at Revolution, obviously).

All the festive food and drink available is why this time of the year is undeniably the best. Don’t @ us, it’s the truth.

  • Making up for a missed Christmas party with colleagues? A Festive Cocktail Masterclass is the one.
  • Having your annual Christmas catch up with the gals? Festive Bottomless Brunch ofc.
  • Simply here for the Pigs in Blankets and nothing else? We don’t blame you and highly recommend our Christmas Special; The Turkey Sub.

Look through our delicious Christmas Dining and Party Options for the ultimate Festive Feast. Know your date? Great, you can confirm your booking today and then all you need to do is get ready to enjoy our Christmas food and cocktails.


Four – Take Photos, Then Take Even More Photos

We are all familiar with which filter looks the best on our Instagram Stories and filling our camera roll with endless selfies, but do you remember the novelty of a night out equipped with a REAL camera? You know, with actual film…

The days after would have you rolling around in fits of laughter flicking through the candid shots of you and your besties.

Why not pick up a disposable one next time you head out and enjoy the liberation of taking some shots whilst actually living in the moment. Plus, you can get the squad back together over cocktails (again, at Revs ofc) for the “big reveal”. Then when you’re done and you have your images developed you can create a keepsake album of Christmas 2021.



Five – Buy your calendar for 2022!

This one is a given… Right?

Well, actually, when was the last time you bought an actual calendar that you hung on the wall? The free one you get in Freshers doesn’t count!

You probably have a few big dates already to look forward to next year, (we definitely do) so why not keep them on show for the rest of 2021… to ya know, keep that positive mindset right through until 2022.

Just make sure you keep space for all our exciting activities next year… Starting with a big announcement in January for a certain music award ceremony (More on that to come soon).

For now, get your Festive celebrations booked in and we’ll see you very soon.