Looking for some ingredients that create the ultimate party? Well, that’s pretty easy, really:

  • Lots of plastic cups
  • A happy male-to-female ratio
  • Many many many flat surfaces
  • A couple of puke points
  • More puke points
  • A complete acceptance that your home will be destroyed and that running around telling people to take their shoes off because of the new suede carpet is quote-unquote “Not Cool”

But if there’s one thing more important than plastic cups and puke points, it’s definitely the playlist. Yes, that Spotify playlist you spent 3 minutes throwing together (on a free account, because who doesn’t love a McDonald’s ad at 1am) is going to be the difference between this party being bangin’ and just plain boring.

So whatever you do, don’t leave the success of your party down to a lazy playlist and those boys (it’s always boys) who take off a song halfway through to put on something They Just Really Really Need To Hear Right Now.

Instead, stick on a playlist that channels our new cocktail menu with some classic hits, house beats, retro remixes PLUS those hip hop essentials and soundsystem bangers you know and love.

So we guess the only question now is, are you ready to TURN IT UP?


You’ve got the playlist. You’ve got the plastic cups. Now all you need for the ultimate party is some booze, right?

Well, once you’ve stopped throwing shapes to these songs, get yourself down here and TURN IT UP even further with our brand new cocktails. We’ve remixed rhythm and blues with a whole lotta booze, thrown in delicious blends packed with big beats and kept those laid-back tropical vibes you just can’t beat.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the menu in its full glory right here and then prepare your senses…

For our loudest menu yet.