The Low-Down on Happy Hour


So… We’ve all heard of Happy Hour but do you really know where it came from? 

Allow us to tell you… Kinda. 

It’s actually a little hazy as to the origins, a bit like us after a good day-drinking session (but that’s a different story – click here for that). If you’ve read “The Merchant of Venice” by Shakespeare, Lorenzo says to Portia “Fair thoughts and happy hours attend on you”.

Now, obviously, he’s not wishing for her to enjoy 2 for £10 Pornstar Martinis (as lovely as that would be). He’s actually wishing her a good hour, in a good mood with nothing to do and nowhere to be. The perfect happy hour really.


The Happy Hour that we all know and love is most typically associated with socialising in the Royal Navy. In 1914, a group of navy officers on the USS Arkansas referred to a dedicated time slot for (organised) fun as “Happy Hour Social”.

These were actually focused on movie showings, boxing matches, music & dancing, as well as wrestling Only slightly different to the afternoons we know now! 


Now, here is where it gets interesting.

During the Prohibition where purchasing and importing booze was banned, fancy socialisers would meet for a secret sociable drink before formally going out for dinner. Think pre-drinks before your meal (still a thing 100+ years later).

The discount element jumped in around the late 1940s and early 1950s as life tried to return to normality (sounds familiar).

It was at this point that the Happy Hour we know, and love was born. An hour or so focused on creating a good mood by socialising with the ones you love, enjoying a cocktail or two before the evening began. 

Wondering when you can get in on the fun?

If you’re near to one of our lucky sites opening on Monday 12th April; your Happy Hour is: 

Every Sunday to Friday, until 9pm and you can enjoy 2-for-£10 on all R-Heart Cocktails.

Not sure if this applies to you? Our beautiful bars that will be open from Monday 12th April with outside drinking spaces are: 

  • Beaconsfield 
  • Brighton 
  • Bristol 
  • Cambridge 
  • Durham 
  • Huddersfield 
  • Ipswich 
  • Leeds Electric Press 
  • Liverpool Albert Dock 
  • Loughborough
  • Nottingham Hockley 
  • Sheffield 
  • Southampton 
  • York 


How does Happy Hour at Revolution work? 

It’s simple. No really.

You pick your favourite cocktail from our list of R-Heart cocktails. These are the ones with the red heart next to them (it has a little R in it… Hence the name!). 

You can either order directly via the Revs App (don’t have it?! Click here to get it) or order with your server… Remember we’re all about the table service for the time being so no popping up to the bar.

You’ll need to order two of the same cocktails to take advantage of the offer. Our advice though? Pick a Happy Hour buddy with a similar taste to you, and then swap one of your drinks with one of theirs.

Obvs, you can just enjoy two of the same cocktails (our personal favourite is the Pornstar Martini; there is plenty of choices though). 


What drinks are included? 

  • Beefeater Pink gin & tonic
  • Blank Canvas
  • Bubblegum Daiquiri
  • Classic Mojito
  • Dutch Mule 
  • Espresso Martini 
  • Gin ‘n’ Juice
  • Ketel One vodka & tonic
  • Lime & Yuzu vodka & tonic 
  • Long Island Iced Tea 
  • Mean Girl
  • Polish Bullet
  • Pornstar Martini
  • Raspberry & Rose vodka & tonic
  • Rumbull
  • Strawberry Woo Woo
  • Stud Puffin 
  • Sundown Spritz 
  • Vodka Rev Bull 
  • Zombie 


What else do you need to know? 

Mocktails aren’t included as they’re already much cheaper than a cocktail. We said it above, but we’ll say it loud for the people in the back… Cocktails aren’t mix and match, so you need to order two of the same for the offer to work.

For a full COVID FAQ, click here. Otherwise, we recommend getting yourself to your nearest open Revolution (in line with COVID guidelines, obvs) and taking part in Happy Hour.

After so long, it’d be rude not to.