It’s that time of year again when Santa judges whether we’ve been naughty or nice. Has 2017 been the year you deserve it all, or should you bow your head in shame?

What if we told you it’s all in a name too. A new survey has been released with the top 10 naughtiest and nice names.

The research, carried out some VERY reliable US company known as, has become somewhat a tradition in itself.

The results are based on 70,000 students from over 10,000 schools so there must be some truth to it all!

Ready? Take a deep breath. Here are the naughtiest and nicest boys and girls names of 2017:

Naughtiest Girls

1. Leah
2. Elanor
3. Jasmine
4. Abigail
5. Olivia
6. Holly
7. Georgia
8. Chloe
9. Amelia
10. Shannon

Naughtiest Boys

1. Joseph
2. James
3. Joshua
4. Luke
5. Samuel
6. Matthew
7. Daniel
8. Mohammed
9. Owen
10. George

Nicest Girls

1. Anna
2. Courtney
3. Millie
4. Mia
5. Grace
6. Bethany
7. Lily
8. Ella
9. Ellie
10. Laura

Nicest Boys

1. Harry
2. Ryan
3. Ethan
4. Lewis
5. Ben
6. Adam
7. Nathan
8. Oliver
9. Dylan
10. Benjamin

So, turn’s out you should steer clear of your dastardly Dans and prickly Hollys at the Christmas party.

Keep your Harrys and Bethanys close if you’re looking for a keeper. You have been warned.