They asked, she said yes and now you’re in charge of the most important part of the wedding… planning the Hen Do. 

No pressure or anything  

 You want to get it right for your bestie, and you want to keep everyone happy so we have some top tips that will help make the planning process all that bit easier. 


Decide who’s involved. 

You need numbers before you can start planning or booking anything. The best way to ensure nobody is missed out, is by asking the bride for a guest list. This is the only part of the Hen Do she will know anything about, but it’s important she does have an input. Once you have a guest list, either create a Facebook group, or a WhatsApp group chat, This means that any information or payments in relation to the Hen can be communicated easily. 

You then need to discuss with the other bridesmaids, who’s doing what. That is the researching, the bookings, decide who is responsible for each part of the Hen Do. This is the easiest way to start planning and keep everyone involved who needs to be. 

Start Researching 

Get googling. Consider where you want the Hen Do to be, and then do your research. Use key words such as Hen Do in Manchester, or whichever city you are hosting it in. Look at blog posts, local venues (i.e. Revs obvs), and search TikTok! There are so many Hen Do videos that you can use for inspiration. 

Here’s an idea, a cocktail masterclass at Revs BOOK HERE.


Once you have made a list of ideas and found out costs, you can then put in the Hen Do group, ensuring everyone is happy. This will help narrow your choices so you can decide exactly what you’re doing for the party. 

Make the booking 

Booking in advance is key, so once you know what it is you want to go with, get that booking secured. 

 At Revs we make all bookings easy, as you will be in touch with one of our sales team from the beginning, just saying. 

 When making any bookings, ensure that everyone involved knows the costs and dates for things to be paid. The easiest way to do this is by keeping a tracker, especially when a large group is involved. 

Pick a Theme 

Choosing a theme is the perfect way to keep everyone on the same page. It’s also a fun way to get everyone to dress up. Here are some ideas, thank us later: 

Mamma Mia theme 

Last disco

Last rodeo 

Feyonce (Beyonce theme) 

Henfest (Festival Theme) 

Boozy & Groovy 

Rock n Roll 

Having a theme is also a great way to be able to coordinate outfits, and décor. So that the Bride-to-be can have an Instagram worthy Hen Do! 

Make an itinerary 

You’ve got the girls together; you have a date and you have all bookings confirmed. Now it’s time to put it all together in an itinerary. 

When you have a big group of people to cater for, planning is key. Create an itinerary for the Hen Do/Weekend, and have every detail planned down to the last minute. That’s right, it seems like a lot of work, but trust us when we say it’s worth it. 

Having an itinerary is also a good way of being able to see exactly everything that is planned, so that you can plan themes and brief outfits to the bride tribe; you know it’s not a hen do without coordinating outfits. 


If you don’t know what you’re doing after reading this blog post, we’re sorry we can’t help you. It’s simple, follow our 5-step process (don’t forget to book Revs) and you’re good to go. 


The Hen can thank us later. Good Luck.