Shhh. Stop. Shut up. Everybody shut up. You over there. Quiet. Listen to us – we have a very important announcement to make…


That’s right, after the longest week pretending you’re proficient at Excel and being forced to listen to Evanescence on the work playlist, the seductive scent of the weekend is FINALLY upon us.

And as the great Rebecca Black once said… It’s time to ‘get down’.

So here’s the only Friday Feeling playlist you’ll ever need, full of instantly recognisable dance hits, hip hop essentials, soundsystem bangers and some straight-up nostalgic classics.

Go on, crank this up at work and say WHEEEEY it’s the weekend!


The working week is over, you’ve got the Friday feels from this playlist, so what d’ya wanna do most?

Have a boozy blowout? Sip delicious handcrafted cocktails? Party the night away to DJ sets and super funky Friday feeling vibes?

Luckily for you, we’re letting you do ALL of those things tonight! Party starts at 5pm, so round up your colleagues, book your table and without further ado, let’s party, shall we?