Sure, spiders can be scary. And yeah, clowns too. The loneliness of the human condition? Truly terrifying stuff.

But nothing, we say NOTHING, compares to the fear that comes with being the only person at pre-drinks with Spotify premium and knowing that you have a 53-minute playlist of Avril Lavigne’s saddest songs.

Complicated, When You’re Gone, that one about a ‘damn cold night’, the whole bleedin’ shebang.

So to avoid revealing your distinctly average music taste to all your new uni mates, here’s a playlist that’s filled with thegoodstuff, from instantly recognisable dance hits, hip-hop essentials, sound system bangers, indie party tunes, and some straight-up nostalgic classics.

Take it from us, this right here is guaranteed to get your party (or birthday party!) started.


Once pre-drinks has finished, you need to get down here and keep the party going.

And whatever you do, make sure you’ve got your Revolution Card with you when you rock up.

With access to a world of class deals, from discounts on loads of our drinks to exclusive vouchers on our mouthwatering meals, you’re about to be the most popular person in the city, even if you do listen to Avril Lavigne when you’re alone.

To get a taste of thegoodstuff, buy yours here for just £4.

Get your party started
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