There are very few things in life that everybody loves.

Bubble wrap? Sure. Biscoff Spread? Probably. Your boss letting you leave early for a gloriously-unexpected-slightly-longer-if-only-for-a-few-hours weekend? Most definitely.

But if there’s one thing that beats ALL this stuff – it’s getting a really good deal.

And the best way to do that?

By downloading the brand new Revolution App, of course.  

Get everything from seriously boozy bits to free food ‘n’ drinks, discounts, cool stuff and EXCLUSIVE app-only offers. AND you can even book a table through it too.

Here’s a handy breakdown of everything you get when you download the app. Better hold onto ya knickers, kids. ‘Cos these deals are for realz.

The only way is APP!

General offers

Download the app. Get EPIC offers until 30th November 2019. Simples. 

From pints to party starters, like prosecco and vodka tonics, there’s LOADS for you to sink your teeth into. Or just sink. Without the teeth.

  • 25% OFF food Sunday to Thursday 
  • Extended happy hour by 1 hour every day 
  • £3.50 Amstel Sunday to Friday all day and all night 
  • 2-4-1 on all V&Ts Sunday to Friday all day and all night
  • £20 prosecco all day and all night every day except after 9pm Saturday

And oh yeah, you read that right – a super tasty 25% off FOOD. NOM.

Student offers

You’re skint. We know. So here’s how you can save that dollar but still be the life and soul of the partaaay with offers for the whole year.

  • 25% OFF food any time
  • Extended Happy Hour all night Sunday to Friday 
  • £3 single Ketel one & mixer all day every day except after 9pm on Saturdays 
  • £6 six stick Flavoured Vodka all day every day except after 9pm on Saturdays 
  • £3 pint of Amstel all day every day except after 9pm on Saturdays 
  • £2.50 bottle of Corona all day every day except after 9pm on Saturdays
  • Freshers Fayres: 24 hours to get a free pizza (code via app)

Hey, Scotland!

Reside in bonnie ol’ Scotland? Alright, ya wee darlins don’t worry – we haven’t forgotten about ye. Oh no! Here are the exclusive offers you can bag(pipes) north of the border. Lol.

  • 25% OFF food any time 
  • £4.50 cocktails available Tuesday to Friday 
  • £3 single Ketel one & mixer Tuesday to Friday 
  • £6 six stick Flavoured Vodka Tuesday to Friday 
  • £3 pint of Amstel Tuesday to Friday 
  • £2.50 bottle of Corona Tuesday to Friday


All of this greatness in the palm of your hand. The power. The possibility. The party nights you’re about to have. And possibly forget the next day.

‘Cause night and day, food and drink, distraction or delight. We’re the home of unexpected experiences, every single time. So, go forth and drink, dine, dance like never before!

In conclusion, download the app NOW. Or regret it forever. The end. Do the right thing, and hit that download button. Go on, you know you wanna.