The 80s weren’t something we all got to experience first-hand. Unlike the 90s however, which were something of a widely acknowledged ‘what were we thinking’ phase in our timeline, the influence of the 80s is still evident today.


That’s mainly because some pretty cool things came about then. The kind of stuff that we’re not yet willing to brush under the rug.


Unlike some of the rubbish we liked back in the 90s. Please, let us never speak of Limp Bizkit again.



He’s the ultimate freak wizard of funk, and he’s so 80s it’s ridiculous. Everything from the outrageously OTT outfits to the soaring epic guitar solo in ‘Purple Rain’, this diminutive genius set the standard for a whole decade that wasn’t big on subtlety.


Arcade Games

Yeah – today we might be treated to video games that boast incredibly complex and expansive narratives set within meticulously detailed and beautiful game worlds. Big deal.


We’d rather dodge barrels being chucked at us by a massive ape.


Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Super Mario Brothers, Tetris. Cheers 80s.


John Hughes Movies

You might not know this, but John Hughes movies basically defined the 80s. They were zany, feelgood, over-the-top and very sentimental. Feris Bueller’s Day Off, The Breakfast Club, Uncle Buck and Sixteen Candles are just a few examples of his 80s flicks, and that was before he went on to write Home Alone 1 & 2 in the 90s!


Reebok Freestyle

Can you imagine when these bad boys were released back in 1982? We’re talking about a design that blasted Reebok into the mainstream fashion market and became one of the most popular shoes of all time. They’re so tied to this feelgood decade, you can’t help but feel good when you see them.


Michael Jackson

The 80s also gave us the biggest recording artist of all time. He was like the more mainstream, less creepy Prince. Both could sing and dance extremely well, and both had a penchant for being OTT. But where Prince got a bit too sexual, Michael was a bit more relatable. After all, find one person who doesn’t love an MJ track, and we’ll give you a free drink.


Parachute Pants

Okay, we admit – these have definitely lost their cool factor. But come on – has there ever been a better example of the naive innocence of the 1980s? Apparently, breakdancers started off wearing these for practical reasons. And like people Instagramming themselves reading books they have no intention of reading, people started to wear parachute pants they had no intention of breakdancing in.



Whatever happened to boomboxes? They’re great. They essentially let you set up a mini-disco wherever you want.


In fairness, they had really good music to listen to back then. Sure, blast Madonna and Michael Jackson in the street and no one will bat an eyelid. Try the same with Fetty Wap and you’ll be arrested for anti-social behaviour.




Don’t you wish you had grown up in a time where Michael Jackson was the king of pop?


Now it’s Justin Bieber. We’re not ripping on him or anything, but next to MJ, what even is he really?


In fact, the 80s were so cool that we’ve based our upcoming Big Friday on this awesome decade. We’re going to squeeze all 10 years of its feel good vibes into one night. Book in advance, and we’ll throw in a free cocktail mini masterclass to get the good vibes flowing.